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7 Tips to develop your business this year

For many of us, the start of a new year tends to bring with it a renewed sense of focus and energy for achieving specific goals. For entrepreneurs, channelling this positivity into effective business planning and tackling challenges strategically will set you apart from your competitors.

This is according to Gugu Mjadu, spokesperson for the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year® competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/PARTNERS, who says that with the South African economy, and Rand seemingly in a recovery phase, entrepreneurs should adopt an optimistic outlook and seek out opportunities that exist in the economy so they can take advantage of them.

“Looking beyond the highs and lows of a fluctuating economy in 2017, a priority goal for many businesses in 2018 will be to develop and grow”, she says, “and there are strategies that entrepreneurs can assume to achieve this”.

Mjadu lists 7 tips to advance a business this year:

1. Review the previous year
“An intuitive strategy not only involve…

New Nkukhu-Box outlet open in Temba, Hammanskraal

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting venture, especially when you are part of the manifestation of a novel idea, like owning and running a Nkukhu-Box; an exciting new franchise network making waves in townships across the country.

The unique value proposition of the Nkukhu-Box franchise is that it fully embraces the kasi flavours and lifestyle, while offering a relatively easy access to a profitable business opportunity for local people who understand local culture and the township vibe.
If you think cultural intelligence is not important, just ask a few global brands that have recently been caught napping on this issue and they will tell you that ignorance of your target audience’s culture can be extremely costly to your brand.

The old adage, think global and act local has never been more relevant. However, at Nkukhu-Box we say just keep it local, for now! This approach has given the franchise a deep understanding of the township pallet, which is one of its success factors.

One of t…

Consumer and Franchising Trends for 2018: The Bed Shop ticks all the right boxes

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how social media affects the way they market and interact with new customers. And despite the rising ‘techlash’, these businesses are becoming more and more informed on who their customers are and their likes and dislikes through the help of these social media channels. Alongside these resources businesses, like The Bed Shop, look toward global trends to help them predict their product’s marketability. While Generation X is on the proverbial out and Generation Y, or more fondly known as Millennials, are on the up, neither consumer should be disregarded in the year to come.

During last year’s Franchise Leadership Summit 2017, the theme of which was ‘Exponential Growth’, Mike Vacy-Lyle, CEO of FNB Business listed trends that businesses should take note of this year. The growing health trend in particular is of interest to The Bed Shop and affects both Generation X and Y. As Gen X is getting increasingly older and life expectancy is increas…

A family feel for Welkom's newest franchise

A family that works together grows together, believes the Kruger family of Welkom. They opened the city’s first Cash Converters franchise in early December 2017 and are thrilled that within these first weeks, they are already doing a roaring trade.

“We have lived in Welkom for 17 years and we believe local knowledge gives us a great boost,” says store manager Jaco Kruger 34. “We have our networks to draw on, for example. As well as our business connections, I am very involved in action cricket.

“Local knowledge also helps with factors like choosing a prime site. We are in the Giel de Wet building, making us very visible. It is central, easily accessible and has a lot of parking. It also means that if we are giving directions, we can simply say we are next to Vrystaat Vleis and everybody in town immediately knows that landmark.”

Jaco runs the business in partnership with his parents. His father, Johan, financed the projects and his mother Erika manages the accounts and administration.…

Looking at Ceramic Pro, a dynamic new franchise opportunity

Ceramic Pro is an exciting Nano Coating business that is taking off in South Africa. Having taken the overseas market by storm, Ceramic Pro South Africa aims to knock the socks off the detailing and industrial coating business locally. With franchises available nationwide, now is the time to become part of an international phenomenon that is changing the way people look at protective coatings.

With Franchises in Ballito, Sandton and Cresta fully operational and Menlyn opening in April, Ceramic Pro South Africa is positioning itself as the preferred coating company for the industrial, marine, aviation, commercial and automotive industries.

Interested in owning your own franchise outlet?
After piloting a Ceramic Pro concept shop in Sandton, owner Tiago Veloso decided to take the next step and Franchise this dynamic product in Africa.

You could own a franchise outlet with exclusive rights to apply the Ceramic Pro product range.
If you are excited by the Ceramic Pro product offering and h…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring The Tax Shop

The Tax Shop concept was originally inspired by the high demand for professional accounting, taxation and related business services and was the first publicised franchise to offer accounting and tax services in South Africa. The Tax Shop footprint has grown to cover all nine provinces and with expansion into southern Africa it has established itself as the leading service provider in its field.
The Tax Shop outlets are acknowledged for their exceptional standards, value pricing and quick delivery times. It is their aim to make people’s lives easier and with their team of knowledgeable and experienced franchisees, The Tax Shop has gained a reputation for professionalism and service excellence.

The Tax Shop is ideally suited to accountants, bookkeepers, auditors and related practitioners who are starting up or who wish to expand their existing practices.

The Tax Shop has distinguished itself as a genuine one-stop, professional services provider with a range of ser…

Absolutely Perfect Water – Making waves!

Every man thinks his own geese swans. And that’s not bad to brag in a very modest way as we know prudence is the best part of valour. Our passion is water purification and training – to give people safe and healthy water to quench that thirst, and teach them about water – its advantages and goodness but also the perils and risks concealed in it....  But, who are we?

Absolutely Perfect Water was established in 1999 when most citizens of our beautiful country drank good municipal water from kitchen taps.  How things have changed!  When pollution malformed our rivers into toxic soups and many water treatment plants became dysfunctional, we saw the red lights and decided to act proactively.

Our primary business is the importation and marketing of reverse osmosis and ultra filtration domestic and commercial water purification systems and parts, a variety of filters and filter media, various dispensers, distillers, softeners, whole house filtration, etc. We also carry abundant stock of all …

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring KwikFit

KwikFit offers tyre retail, fitment and vehicle servicing and boasts over 1,000 stores in the UK alone. In South Africa most of the 33 KwikFit outlets are owner-operated, ensuring unmatched service for South African vehicle owners. Recognising the necessity of adapting to a change in consumer habits, KwikFit has revisited their business strategy

and completed a rebranding exercise to revive their corporate and public image.
KwikFit has created a world first by offering all the services required by vehicle owners under one roof. While not moving away from the traditional fitment centre concept entirely, they have redesigned their product offering and overhauled their look and feel. By relocating some of their auto care centres to mall parking areas and allowing customers to take advantage of the longer trading hours, they have created a more pleasurable and convenient customer experience. To date, four mall outlets — Killarney Mall and Bedford Centre in Johannesburg and the …

The ABC of Franchising

No matter how challenging the economy, entrepreneurs will continue to look for exciting new opportunities and viable businesses to invest in. The franchising industry offers plenty of these, making up 13% of the GDP according to the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

“The industry is still growing and entrepreneurs see the value in franchise opportunities,” says Jan De Beer, Managing Executive for Zebro’s Chicken, The Fish & Chip Co. and Maxi’s at Taste Holdings.

If you are in the market for a successful franchise here are three important considerations:

A.      Select the right business
It may seem obvious but you need to do your research and also consider what the best fit is for you personally.  The franchise industry offers everything from van rentals and tool hire to clothing and restaurant opportunities so choices abound. The fast food and restaurant category makes up the biggest piece of the pie with 25% followed by retail sector at 15% and followed by the buildi…

South African children do us proud a the PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Championships

As children around the country get ready to start the 2018 school year, albeit under a cloud of uncertainty as South Africa lags behind on both literacy and numeracy and with the threat of an even lower pass rate and the possibility that maths will be dropped as a compulsory subject, a group of talented children start the year having won international acclaim at the PAMA Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championships which South Africa hosted on the 28th December in Sandton.
“With seventeen countries represented and with close to 250 children of all ages taking place, it was encouraging to see South African children taking up some of the top spots in all the age categories,” said Marlene Mouton, the Chairperson of PAMA South Africa. This was achieved through the efforts of the teachers of the around 620 A+Students teaching franchises who subscribe to the PAMA Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic methods and to the students who show that maths can be both easy and fun to do.”

Franchising sector - The year that was

2017 has been a year fraught with challenges for both consumers and business alike. South Africa has however remained an eye-catching destination for international brands looking to expand their businesses; none show this more than franchising in South Africa.

Morne Cronje, Head of Franchising at FNB Business agrees that even in what is said to be tough year, South Africa has managed to attract global franchise brands.

“A recent example of a global franchise brand coming into South Africa is Popeye’s, an American brand best known for its spicy Chicken. They launched here in July 2017. That is on the back of Krispy Kreme and Burger King having recently launched too - even with our challenges, we still offer growth opportunities to global entities. ”

Cronje shares key take outs from the year that was in franchising:

More clothing & fast-food brands: Retail franchising continued to grow in 2017. Over the past few years, we have seen more global brands like Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts…

A business strategy to stand the test of tough economic times

In the third quarter of 2017 the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) showed signs of recovery, but South Africa’s sovereign rating was still relegated to junk status in November. While it’s clear that  we are by no means out of the woods,  Kobus Engelbrecht, Marketing Head: Sanlam Business Market says the New Year brings new opportunities and possibilities for business owners. The beginning of the year, he says, is the time to devise plans to ensure that your business will be resilient during tough economic times.

“Think of it this way: no sports team enters a big match without a plan. In the same way, no business can thrive without a strategy. Moving proactively towards defined objectives is far more productive than simply reacting to business events. A plan brings priorities into focus, while allowing for the reshuffling of resources to areas where they’ll yield optimal results.”

To succeed in business, a comprehensive plan needs to be revised continuously, with tracking mechani…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring The Drain Surgeon

The Drain Surgeon Franchising Africa (Pty) Ltd has been franchising since 1989 and through the years has established many successful businesses that still operate today.

In support of the strategy to expand their franchise footprint, their ‘old’ franchise model was dusted off and invigorated with new technology and offerings to support their franchisees. The new franchise model allows for an investor or lifestyle entrepreneur to invest in a maintenance plumbing business at a low entry cost and with minimal investment in office infrastructure.

The Drain Surgeon franchise system allows a would-be business owner to establish a maintenance plumbing business with little to no knowledge of plumbing and requiring limited infrastructure. With a small initial investment in tools, training and marketing material and with the backing of the well-known Drain Surgeon brand and their unique franchised methods, the business will be operational in no time at all.

The National C…

Are real estate agents still needed in today's digital age?

By Chantalle Bell

The boom of the digital age has opened up many doors to the way we buy and sell property. In the past we used to pop out and pick up the latest copy of the property magazines available, today we switch on the PC or grab our smart phones as online property portals & Facebook has become the new ‘go-to’ for anything, including shopping for your new home from the comfort of your couch.

So selling your own home today should be just as easy right? Not quite… With so many new services out there, how does one know which is the best, most cost effective way to go? Will you opt for acquiring the services of a professional, making use of the latest ‘package’ solutions to come to market, or trying DIY - either or your goal is to get into contact with as many serious buyers as possible.

Craig Hutchison, CEO of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa notes that there is more to selling a home than meets the eye. The decision of how to handle the sale yourself is ultimately yours. …

Part 3: Enabling financial inclusion with SkillsPassport

Financial inclusion is increasingly being viewed as critically important to reducing poverty and achiev­ing inclusive economic growth. While it is by no means a panacea to ending poverty, it does represent a tangible way of reducing it.

By Paul Hodgson

A growing body of evidence suggests that financial inclusion has substantial benefits for individuals. Various studies have demonstrated that when people participate in the financial system, they are better positioned to start and expand their own businesses, invest in education, manage risk, and absorb financial shocks. By giving the financially excluded, unbanked and under-banked access to bank accounts and payment mechanisms, savings increase, women are empowered and productive investment and consumption are boosted.

Providing access to credit has positive effects on consumption, employability and income, thereby positively affecting some aspects of an individual’s mental health and general wellbeing. Financial inclusion and the ass…

Part 2: Bridging the digital and economic divide with SkillsPassport

For the large portion of the South African population who are digitally invisible, the journey to digital visibility is not without its challenges.

By Paul Hodgson

In the process of helping the ‘digitally invisible’ to become ‘digitally visible’, dealing with illiterate persons and ensuring that the information captured has integrity and is accurate, are just some of the challenges to overcome.

SkillsPassport (Pty) Ltd, an innovative tech company, has, over the past six years, spent time on the business side of the digital divide in boardrooms of large corporates and SMEs and in the homes of individual employers to understand their needs and frustrations in the lower Living Standard Measure (LSM) employment space. Coupled with this, vast amounts of time have been spent under trees, on the side of the road and in the homes of digitally invisible people on the other side of the digital divide to understand their frustrations and barriers to entering the employment market.

Using informat…

Part 1: Bridging the digital and economic divide

Bold, forward thinking, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are developing and successfully deploying apps that allow marginalised individuals to create a digital profile that makes them visible to the mainstream economy.

By Paul Hodgson

Almost 80 percent of the South African population of 42,4 million people reside in economically marginalised communities (Stats SA, 2005). A marginalised community is defined as a group that is confined to the lower or peripheral edge of society and as such is denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural and social activities.

Unlike the relatively small percentage of the population that is accessible via digital profiles represented on platforms like LinkedIn, a large majority of these marginalised community members have little or no digital presence and, as a result, very little chance of being ‘found’ by potential employers. The only option available to these ‘digitally invisible’ individuals is for them to commute, at significant personal …

Cash in a hurry 101

If you are facing a January spending crunch, you are not alone. On top of demands for school fees and last-minute uniform or stationery requirements, you might also have an unexpected cashflow hangover from unplanned festive season spending.

A recent survey of festive season spending by global accountancy firm Deloitte found that gifts represent only one third of the average holiday spend. In fact, the bulk of spending over this period is related to sprucing up your wardrobe and your home, entertaining at home and socialising outside the home.

“It is easy to underestimate how much these extras will add up to and play havoc with our New Year budgets,” says Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters.

These seven strategies from Mukheibir will help rescue you from this situation:
Know your cash reserves: Can you still access any of the cash you received as a Christmas bonus? Do you have a rainy day account for emergency funds or other income due that you have forgotten about?Work your sal…