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Maxi’s helps give Sylvester her wheels In 2013 Maxi’s started a Facebook campaign to show their loyal customers that they care by giving back to the community on a monthly basis. For the month of February, Maxi’s decided to help make Sylvester Matswake life easier by giving a donation towards her new electric wheelchair. Maxi’s contributed R2,50 on behalf of every fan that ‘liked’ Sylvester’s Facebook photo. Anita Blignaut, the proud owner of both Maxi’s Polokwane Game and Maxi’s Polokwane Checkers, noticed Sylvester wheeling herself to work every day on an old, dilapidated wheelchair, taking her on average an hour and fifteen minutes one way. Sometimes a kind pedestrian would help her, but most of the time she wheels herself. Blignaut and a few of her restaurants’ loyal customers decided that something needed to be done to help this woman so Blignaut each made a personal donation towards getting an electric wheelchair for Sylvester. As it wasn’t enough to buy the new wheelchair, Anita …
The Spur Group (“Spur”) has acquired a 30% stake in Braviz Fine Foods (Pty) Ltd, a start-up operation currently establishing a new world-class meat processing facility in Johannesburg that will specialise in processing rib cuts.
Spur’s R36 million investment, structured in the form of equity and shareholder loans, will assist the group in securing its rib supply. Ribs are amongst its most popular menu items, according to CEO Pierre van Tonder.
The 6 000 m² meat processing plant, being built at a cost of R120 million, is scheduled to begin production by December this year.  Employing over 50 people, it will have the capacity to process 700 metric tons a month.
Van Tonder says the highly advanced technology of the facility, coupled with the expertise of the other shareholders, who are industry experts and who will be responsible for day-to-day operations, will maximise efficiencies within the supply chain. It will also ensure tha…
Sandwich Baron appeases the appetites of Glen Marais
Residents in the Glen Marais area recently welcomed a new neighbour on the block, following the opening of a brand new Sandwich Baron. Owned and managed by husband and wife team, Warren and Adele Hattingh, the new store, located in the Aston Manor Shopping Centre in Kempton Park, has seen a flurry of community members through their doors. Since opening in the beginning of March 2014, the local community has fully embraced the opportunity to tuck into freshly prepared and succulent sandwiches that can even be delivered straight to residences or places of business.
Managing Director of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, is optimistic about this store opening, which is a prime addition to the ever-expanding group of franchises.
“I am excited to introduce another one of our stores to the Glen Marais community as I know it will add great value to residents who are hungry for the option of tasty alternatives to fast food in the form of co…

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How to make the best of your visit to the International Franchising Exhibition
Franchising is considered one of the most successful business mechanism in the modern world. It is said that franchising increases a business’ success rate by 80% or more, as it is cemented on the learnings and triumphs of other business pioneers, making it an ideal option for the entrepreneur looking for a smart investment. The challenge lies however in the process of identifying the correct business opportunity to invest in. With so many options available, making the right choices can be a time consuming one. Fortunately, events such as the International Franchise Expo (IFE) have been put in place to provide interested entrepreneurs with as much information on the various opportunities as possible – all in one place.
The issue of effective decision making does, however, still persist when visiting such exhibitions, as potential franchisees can easily be overloaded with information, which can cause even more…
A dozen characteristics of a great franchisee leader
Great leadership is hard to define but easily recognisable when seen in action. We can distinguish great leaders through their willingness to make a sacrifice, respond to a challenge, the excellence of a long-term game plan or how they tackle venturing into uncharted waters.
Successful leaders understand that to lead a new franchise to growth and profit, they must understand that the customer is the first and foremost priority at all times. Sean Lilley, the Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza says to be a great leader you need to cultivate the necessary characteristics for greatness. He shares some insight:
1.Leadership: It takes a certain type of individual to influence and motivate people effectively. Strong leaders take charge of a situation and express themselves directly and calmly, yet know how to act assertively under pressure.
2.Interpersonal skills:Awareness of your own and others’ interpersonal skills can help enormously in b…