Absolutely Perfect Water – Making waves!

Perfect Water Head Office Team
Every man thinks his own geese swans. And that’s not bad to brag in a very modest way as we know prudence is the best part of valour. Our passion is water purification and training – to give people safe and healthy water to quench that thirst, and teach them about water – its advantages and goodness but also the perils and risks concealed in it....  But, who are we?

Absolutely Perfect Water was established in 1999 when most citizens of our beautiful country drank good municipal water from kitchen taps.  How things have changed!  When pollution malformed our rivers into toxic soups and many water treatment plants became dysfunctional, we saw the red lights and decided to act proactively.

Our primary business is the importation and marketing of reverse osmosis and ultra filtration domestic and commercial water purification systems and parts, a variety of filters and filter media, various dispensers, distillers, softeners, whole house filtration, etc. We also carry abundant stock of all replacement parts of the products we market. This enables us to honour our warranties and our fully trained franchisees, agents and technicians are capable to perform any maintenance or repairs required on any of our products. Today we have more than 80 water shops and more than 100 agents in SA, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

Perfect Water head office owners
 Rikus & Caren Barnard
Absolutely Perfect Water realised that there is no royal road to learning. If we want to teach our people we need to give them the best hands-on training. To equip and empower our Franchisees and Agents in 2018 we decided to renovate our training room and proudly display all our quality products in such a way that our training room has also become a meaningful show room. A brand new and supporting laboratory was also built to analyse water samples from municipalities, boreholes and rivers. We need to know what is in the water, how much of it is in the water and how to get rid of it in the most cost-effective way. Excellent and comprehensive advice is the name of the game. A water analyses enables us to do just that. If we need to address lime or rusting pipes, reduce iron and manganese, adjust pH, remove silt and mud or make brackish water potable, we can help.

We serve the public through our smart and functional water shops and agents working from home.  Absolutely Perfect Water has become a brand name renowned in many towns. We treat water with care and respect it as a very precious commodity. We also sell the best treated water – water as it is intended by nature – water exempt from endocrine disruptive chemicals, hormones and pesticides.  The six stage purification equipment we employ makes our water hale and hearty for many households including kids and pregnant woman. Please visit our website www.perfectwater.co.za if you want to become part of our family or need to see where our closest outlet is situated.

If you are interested in owning a franchise, visit www.perfectwater.co.za/watershops/become-a-franchise to find out more.
Absolutely Perfect Water – Making waves!