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Youth entrepreneurship can solve SA's unemployment crisis only if all participate

Recent Statistics South Africa research indicates that the country’s total unemployment rate currently stands at 26,7%, which is significantly higher than what is targeted for the 2030 National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP suggests that around 11 million more jobs need to be created within the next 12 years in order to reach the targeted unemployment rate of 6%.

David Morobe, Regional General Manager at Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS), says that one of the key initiatives to achieve the exponential employment growth required to reach the NDP’s 2030 goal, is to enable South Africa’s unemployed to create their own opportunities through entrepreneurship. “Make no mistake, this is a mammoth task, and the question of how to accomplish this within the limited time frame remains.”

He adds, “Considering the fact that the youth population accounts for 63,5% of the total number of unemployed people, they should be the primary focus for initiatives and programmes to foster entr…

Bosch Car Service: Your comprehensive fleet solution

Managing the servicing and maintenance requirements of fleet vehicles can be a complex business. Different makes and models, contracts with multiple garages, varied pricing structures and more.

Bosch Car Service workshops take care of any make and model at a single site. With one of the world’s largest dedicated service network, we are always close at hand to give you the support you need.
“One-stop-shop” for all your fleet needs Efficient workshop processes get your vehicles back on the road faster Clear, unified contracts for all your vehicles Cost-effective alternative to main dealer workshops Dedicated fleet team to ensure your complete satisfaction Bosch Car Service workshops are 100% focused on vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair. Bosch Car Service technicians are highly trained and receive regular update training on the latest technological developments.

As approved component supplier too some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Bosch has the knowledge and experience…

Paying it forward

Signarama franchisee in Hermanus, Judi Rabe, has always had a big heart. Having enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world, Judi decided it was time to invest in her own future by opening her own business. After considering several business opportunities, the decision to open a Signarama franchise was primarily based on the universal need for signage, be it for businesses or individuals.

Having established her Signarama franchise covering the Overberg region in late 2016, Judi has always understood the importance of the local community in the growth of a business. Moreover, the need for signage in charitable organisations has always been on Judi’s mind.

Therefore, there was no hesitation when Signarama Overberg was approached by the Hemel en Aarde Education Project to provide vehicle branding for their newly acquired bus. The Hemel en Aarde Pebbles Project provides nursery, day care, and education to children in the local community.

The branding on the vehicle has provided muc…

Q1 2018 Employment stats don't necessarily mean we're out of the woods

Statistics South Africa’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey for Quarter 1 of 2018 was released on Tuesday. According to the report, formal employment increased by 56 000 jobs in the first three months of this year. While 56 000 additional jobs looks impressive, Gugu Mjadu, spokesperson for the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year® competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/PARTNERS, says that we need to remain focused on boosting entrepreneurship as the primary source of job creating for real, sustainable economic change.

“Blanket statistics like this, while encouraging, don’t always paint the full picture in terms of our success and growth areas regarding job creation,” says Mjadu, alluding to the fact that the biggest increase in jobs was in the government sector. “We need to continue to put our energy behind creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurial successes. Unfortunately, many local entrepreneurs remain challenged by a number of common barriers to entry,” says Mjadu.  These …

Smart e-learning for better skilled staff

Wave goodbye to chalk-and-talk sessions – 21st-century staff training is smarter and better switched on to the way people work, learn and have embraced technology in their lives, says Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters Southern Africa. The company began with DVD-based learning in 2014. Its e-learning platform now offers 250 custom-made modules that also feature animation and interactive learning, with functionality improving all the time as fibre is rolled out to stores. In effect, this has become the company’s in-house version of the popular MOOCs (massive open online courses), pioneered in the USA from 2008 and expanding rapidly in 2012 and 2013 with the global launch of Udacity, Coursera and FutureLearn.

As a franchise company, Cash Converters regularly needs to upskill existing staff as well as offering training for new franchise owners, their management and staff who all need to be trained whenever a new store is opened. E-learning also addresses the challenges of ensurin…

Entrepreneurs – REFUSE TO be another statistic

How to address common entrepreneurial challenges in South Africa

While more effort from both the public and private sectors has, in recent times, been placed into creating a more conducive eco-system for entrepreneurs to start their businesses and thrive; unfortunately, many local entrepreneurs remain challenged by a number of common barriers to entry.

These include the slow rate of economic growth and transformation, coupled with difficulty of access to funding and development opportunities, which continues to be a career-hampering burden – particularly for young entrepreneurs.

Gugu Mjadu, spokesperson for the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year® competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/PARTNERS, says that entrepreneurs need to apply a fresh approach for overcoming these barriers for themselves.  “Entrepreneurs are naturally driven and passionate individuals who are known for ‘taking the bull by the horns’ when it comes to achieving their dreams. For young entrepreneurs to succeed, the…

Fear of failure hinders South Africa's aspiring entrepreneurs

Opportunity for young aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a viable business with national free business training workshops

According to the 2017/2018 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, 43% of South Africans perceived good entrepreneurial opportunities, yet only 11% of entrepreneurs were engaged in Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity and had taken the steps to start a new business. Further to this, 31% of respondents had reported to have a fear of failure when starting a business.

Christo Botes, executive director of Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) says that this is something that can be remedied through accessible initiatives that equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, skills and support. “It is imperative that young entrepreneurs have all the resources they need to confidently take their ideas and turn them into viable businesses.”

With this in mind, the SME Toolkit BUSINESS/PARTNERS Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Youn…

Micro Franchise Development Program - 2018 Intake

SA Franchise Warehouse presented its 3rd of 5 boot camps as part of the Micro Franchise Development Programme at the Sandton offices of Hogan Lovells (South Africa) Inc. on 7 and 8 June 2018.

“Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.” SA Franchise Warehouse’s 2018 intake of candidates of the Micro Franchise Development Programme are just as enthusiastic as Richard Branson when it comes to running their own businesses and this is why:

Activecare Clinics is owned by 4 shareholders and Dr Unben Pillay, based at the Midrand Branch represents the brand.  With 5 branches open nationwide, Activecare Clinics are serving South Africans by making medical help easily accessible for all when it comes to medical treatment, dental treatment, wellness and allied health which includes Biokinetics, Physiotherapy and lab services.

Africa Steel Holdings is a 100% black-woman owned business operating in South Africa by …

Digital disruptions in the accounting profession

Many industries have been disrupted by online applications. It’s quite unbelievable to stop and think that the largest retailer in the world (Amazon) has no shop or that the largest taxi service (Uber) has no stock of vehicles or that the largest accommodation bookings site (Airbnb) doesn’t let out any of its own properties. Similarly, online applications are making it possible for firms to do a lot of menial accounting work without the need for an actual accountant or bookkeeper.

The above is leading many to question the future role of the traditional accountant. There has even been speculation in academic circles that the “accountant” as we know him/her today will not be around 10 years from now. This begs the question then - where does this leave those currently in the accounting profession? Adapt or die!

At The Tax Shop we have and are taking huge strides to ensure that we remain relevant in our profession and as service providers to our clients by adopting innovative cloud techn…

FASA Franchise Award Winners 2018

Reflecting Global Consumer Trends and Commitment to Growing the Economy and to Job Creation

The Franchise Association of South Africa’s Awards for Excellence in Franchising, sponsored by Sanlam, reflects what’s trending in worldwide consumer circles and cements the franchise community’s commitment to growing the economy and to job creation.

The results reflect trends identified by the Nielsen Consumer 360 survey, which looks at the key drivers that will shape consumer opportunities until 2025. It shows that as South Africa’s population becomes more urbanised,  with different product and service needs for the Generation X and Y’s, there will be a keen focus on the health and wellness sectors.


The FASA Awards this year clearly reflected those worldwide consumer trends in health and wellness in the two top awards:

Kauai as Franchisor of the Year – who continue to ride the trend wave in the health food revolution are reaping the rewards for their innova…

How everyone can help with youth empowerment

Youth unemployment in South Africa is everybody’s problem, so we must make Youth Month a rallying point to tackle it afresh, says Cash Converters CEO Richard Mukheibir.

“It is quite simple – we must all look at ways to take on the challenge,” he says. “The only rational and useful response is, ‘Yes, we can!’”

In recent years, youth unemployment, upskilling and empowerment have been key issues discussed in the State of the Nation Address. President Cyril Ramaphosa also recently launched the Youth Employment Service. But, says Mukheibir, this is not only a task for government – everyone in business can contribute to youth development.

“From mentoring interns to job creation, we can all offer our expertise and resources to help enable young people to build careers and their own businesses,” he says. “We should all look for opportunities to assist where we can.”

Franchising, for instance, is a way for independently minded individuals with a flair for business to build their own SMME even…

Intern to Rookie of the year to Team Leader - Chwayita Hoyi, proof that hard work pays off

By Chantalle Bell

The past two years has definitely been exciting and successful for estate agent, Chwayita Hoyi achievements. Her story begins in 2015, where she started her career in real estate as an Intern Agent when she was introduced to Engel & Völkers through the EAAB’s “One Learner Program”, where she started her internship with Engel & Völkers Broadacres and has just been awarded as the top Engel & Völkers Rookie Agent of the Year in terms of commission turnover achieved for 2017 at the annual rewards function which took place in April.

Before Chwayita established herself in the property industry she was in the PR and Marketing industry as a Public Relations Officer. “I was not intending on pursuing a career in property, the industry literally found me and I could not be more grateful” Chwayita commented.

She says that she had her choice of agencies to join, and had to do some investigation to see which would be the right fit. The Engel & Völkers brand appeal…

Signarama - The way to grow a successful business

As part of a global rebrand in 2013, Signarama changed their tagline from ‘Where the World goes for signs’, to ‘The way to grow your business.’. As one of the approaching 1000 franchisees across 65 countries where Signarama is represented, Francois Schoeman, the Signarama Pretoria North franchisee, could probably not have foreseen the role the rebrand would play in the explosive growth his business has enjoyed over the last 5 years.

Having joined Signarama as a franchisee in 2007, Francois had built a solid business by following the Signarama systems and procedures. Adherence to those systems had allowed Francois to make the decision to purchase his own premises as opposed to renting. They had also allowed him to invest in additional equipment to continue the growth.

One of the goals of the global rebrand was to subtlety reposition the brand to target a more corporate clientele. Although this would no doubt have played a part in the growth of Francois’ business Signarama Franchisor, K…

Critical steps for small businesses to survive fuel price hikes

Petrol will cost 82 cents more per litre from 6 June, as confirmed by the Energy Department last week. This follows the VAT increase by one percentage point to 15% that took effect from 1 April. For small businesses in South Africa, these additional costs are crippling and extremely tight financial controls are required to survive.

“The reality is that fuel hikes have a negative impact on most businesses because every tangible product which needs to be moved from point A to B needs to be transported and therefore, incurs these extra costs. Service providers will also need to take increased transport costs into account,” says Jannie Rossouw, Head: Sanlam Business Market.

Given that the SME sector is estimated to represent almost 40% of business in South Africa and is also a key employer, the mounting financial pressure felt by business owners should be of concern to everyone. There are also certain industries that are more at risk. “Agriculture, infrastructure and construction, manufa…