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The franchise sector in South Africa continues to grow and thrive despite testing economic conditions. This thriving and growing sector, comprising 668 franchised systems, with just over 30 000 franchised outlets and 17 franchise business sectors, is a significant employer of manpower employing more than 300 000 people nationally.

For those wanting to enter the sector the big question to address is what industry would suit them best? Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters says there are so many options to choose from and sometimes informative events such as expos tend to be more overwhelming than helpful. He says there are very distinct differentiators between a retail franchise for example like Cash Converters and a fast food franchise. 

“Take for example the number of hours you are happy to dedicate to the project. Fast Food franchises often require dedicated long hours and if you are not prepared to put in the extra time and make a full …
Franchising: a natural fit for any female entrepreneur 

For up and coming female entrepreneurs striving to make their mark in the highly competitive business world, franchising is an enticing prospect. Due to its supportive nature, which provides the basic tools to make the business a success, the industry has notably demonstrated remarkable growth amongst female ownership in recent years, proving that franchising is a viable business option for all talented entrepreneurs. Bronwyn Oliveira, Divisional Marketing Manager for The Fish & Chip Co. shares more on the franchising model and how women are thriving in this industry.

Following the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Women’s Report, it is refreshing to see that an estimated 126 million women were either establishing or already running new businesses in 67 economies around the world in 2012. In addition, it was also reported that an estimated 98 million ladies were running established businesses already, proving that wome…
Maxi’s White River Supports Women Empowerment
New research recently revealed by Royal Mail looks set to dispel the myth that men don’t experience the same range of feelings as women. The company’s commissioned scientific experiment found that men are more emotional than women. However, general perceptions and stereotypical roles for males and females still see women as ‘taking care’ and men as ‘taking charge’.

Women are perceived to radiate an aura that automatically makes others feel more comfortable and at ease when around them or in their presence. Women have a way of making others feel obliged to be nice and kind, which makes them ideal candidates for the consumer service industry such as food franchising. 

Maxi’s White River has capitalised on this notion and boasts a staff compliment of twelve female waitresses and two male waiters. Bernice Lourens the proud owner of this franchise shares her business rationale. “When I first started this business I had no idea that my staff ratio …

iKhokha, a young and innovative Cape Town-based financial services brand, has launched an exciting new payment service that is set to transform the way SME’s accept payment from their customers. The Edge, a secure Chip & PIN card reader that plugs into a smartphone, and coupled with the iKhokha mobile app, transforms the phone into a secure mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) terminal, it enables merchants to process card payments – anywhere in South Africa.

Using the Edge, a wide range of South African businesses are also able to tender cash, card and mobile transactions, sell value-added services (such as airtime) and monitor and track sales performance and transactional history through the slick and easy to use Mobile App. 

Simplicity, service and security are the three pillars on which the iKhokha ethos has been built. The proudly South African developed and manufactured solution has b…
Customers embracing digital payment solutions
Standard Bank’s new digital payment solution, has recorded over 70 000 registered users of SnapScan. The app is not only being downloaded, but users are actively embracing this technology, with Standard Bank reporting over 100 000 transactions being processed since launch in May this year. 

SnapScan’s success is due to the fact that you don’t have to be a Standard Bank customer to enjoy the benefits of the app - anyone with a smartphone and a Visa or MasterCard can use it. According to Vuyo Mpako, Head of Innovation and Channel Design at Standard Bank, 29% of SnapScan users are Standard Bank customers and the rest are a split between the other banks. “We set out to create a convenient and innovative solution for South Africans, to give them greater control to transact in a way that fits in with their lifestyle,” says Mr Mpako. 

The app’s winning formula lies in its simplicity. SnapScan uses Quick Read (QR) technology to process payments, elim…
LOCAL INNOVATIONS VIE FOR R1-MILLION PRIZE IN SAB FOUNDATION AWARDSThe South African Breweries (SAB) Foundation has selected the finalists in its 4th annual Social Innovation Awards 2014 who will compete for the R1-million first place prize. 
The pro-poor innovations range from products and processes, which are selected according to whether they are scalable and can be commercialised. Each must also benefit the SAB Foundation’s target beneficiaries who are women, youth, people living with disabilities and people living in rural areas. 

A total of 18 innovations will move through to the final judging phase adjudicated by an independent panel of business and industry experts later this month. 

The final winners will be announced at an awards ceremony later this year at the end of October.

“Innovative solutions to economic and social issues in South Africa can be a powerful driving force behind bringing positive change for people within local low-income communities and individuals. Through t…
Frost & Sullivan Applauds Standard Bank for Delivering Value to its SME Clients by Constantly Innovating across a Variety of Platforms
Standard Bank’s core focus is the empowerment its clients, on both a financial and non-financial basis

Based on its recent analysis of the market for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) support financial services, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Standard Bank with the 2014 South Africa Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. Acknowledging SME clients’ need for on-call services throughout the day, Standard Bank introduced a command centre for the processing and turnaround of SME loan applications within 48 hours.

“Standard Bank has refined its micro-finance strategy to offer more secured loans and is currently focussed on improving the management of its current holdings,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Ntsolo Setlaba. “Additionally, as part of a differentiated credit extension strategy, it offers financial training to clie…
Maxi’s Mokopane, the best restaurant in SA
When it comes to commitment, the family favourite, Maxi’s has been known for its dedication to providing the highest quality meals and the best customer satisfaction in town. The chain of nationwide food franchises understands that in order for Maxi’s to be top of the consumer’s mind that its franchisee also needs to be top of the franchisor’s mind.

“We understand that the best way for a brand to get what they want and need from their outlets is to give them something to look forward to. For this reason, the Maxi’s brand rewards franchisees for outstanding and exceptional performance. Our franchisees in turn also understand that in order for them to reap the rewards, they have to work hard for it!” says Yolandi Ferreira, marketing manager of Maxi’s.
Maxi’s “High 5 Success” campaign ran over a period of ten months, and challenged each franchisee and their teams to deliver the best operational and customer service results. In order to come out top…
More shelf space means new markets and increased sales
The sustainable growth of a business means more than just having great products, but rather having access to more shelf space where your brand can attract consumers.  

Ravi Govender, Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank, says this is where most entrepreneurs make a mistake and lose the opportunity to keep their businesses on an upward growth trajectory.

Episode four of the Standard Bank ‘Think Big – Building Business Champions’ series highlighted that many successful businesses that have promising growth prospects often find it challenging to break into new markets, because their owners lack the required expertise to take their businesses to the next level. 

Even if your products are innovative and appealing to consumers, if they are not easily accessible, the prospects for growth can be bleak. The entrepreneur can become a victim of his/her own success, limiting opportunities for growth by overlooking the importance of capitali…
Today's savvy consumer looks for better quality for less - and let's be honest, who doesn't love a bargain?

Lawrence and Esmarie Baird, owners of the Nelspruit Cash Converters, say people are often pleasantly surprised by the treasures they find in his shop. "Just because its second hand, doesn't mean it's broken. You can buy something here that's as good as new, for two thirds or half of the price."

The Nelspruit Cash Converters, which opened just over a year ago, has a wide range of products ranging from bird cages to the latest cell phones and laptops. "It's amazing to see what comes in - and we seldom have to turn anything away. We've learned that if it's been bought at the right price and sold at the right price, it will sell."

A six-month guarantee on most Cash Converters products ensures that any faulty goods returned within six months will be replaced, repaired or refunded. Most of the g…
Adventure Boot Camp reaches new heights with savvy franchise model The outdoor fitness programme for women, Adventure Boot Camp ( announces its National Trainer Programme for qualified fitness trainers across South Africa who are interested in owning their own Adventure Boot Camp franchise. Free to all shortlisted candidates, the training and mentorship programme is designed for those who are not immediately able to purchase a franchise, but who want to maximize their earning potential and enjoy flexible office hours and the ability to work unsupervised.
In just seven short years, the outdoor fitness programme for women has opened its doors to more than 32 franchises across South Africa proving that personal trainers are seeing themselves as business owners and taking even bigger steps to help women get into shape. In an economic climate where jobs are limited and resources scarce, buying into an Adventure Boot Camp franchise has been the right choice…
Better time management leads to improved business resultsWhen running a franchise you expect the business to operate perfectly so that all opportunities of making profit are exploited. However, as we all know, achieving perfection means splitting your efforts over many activities, which often requires time. 

“Running a successful franchise really means being someone who knows when to delegate, structuring your working day and paying attention to the jobs that matter,” says Simone Cooper, Head of Franchising at Standard Bank, adding that success is really achieved through effective time management. 

Time management is defined as taking conscious control over time spent on various activities. Spending too much time on a task that may not really require the effort you are putting in is considered time wasting. 
“Mastering the art of time management is a skill that brings immediate benefits to people and business,” says Ms. Cooper. This is because:

People have tasks allocated to them and unde…
Winterhalter — a market leader in Europe, now making waves in the local South African industry It’s a fine artIn the words of the painter, Gil Dellinger “Art is important. We tend to think it is luxury, but it gives people deep pleasure because beauty is the personification of hope that something grander is at work”.

This introduction cannot be more relevant to Artlogic, a sponsorship and events company that specializes in high-end, boutique Fairs. 
A major player in the art scene in South Africa, Artlogic are the masterminds behind the successful Winter Sculpture Fair presented by MasterCard, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sanlam Investments FoodWineDesign and Africa Cycle Fair.

“Our events are very demanding as they attract a specific type of visitor. Visitors that expect an above average experience, meaning we have to get every little detail right for them,to ensure a top quality, memorable Fair” says Production Manager, Katie Pitman. “We can only achieve this by working in partnership with lik…
Keep your franchise relevant How to keep your franchise sustainable in the market
In this highly competitive environment keeping a franchise concept relevant is crucial to the success and sustainability of the business. “The Ocean Basket franchise has a proven and sustainable business format which gave me confidence to operate and allow me to build my business into a profitable asset. Paying an initial fee to set up using the brand, coupled with the proven business format and support from the franchisor has been invaluable.” says Juliana Overbeek, owner Ocean Basket Scottburg, KwaZulu Natal.
Customers are becoming increasingly demanding from a service perspective. They work hard for their money and when they visit a restaurant they demand quality, excellent service and value for money. Overbeek explains that“International indicators show that the ‘take away’ concept is more relevant and popular than sit down restaurants. The success and functioning of the restaurant is largely influenced…
People are starting to understand that everything we do has an impact on the planet, which is why many of us are starting to truly live our lives cognisant of the “three Rs” of protecting and preserving the environment: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, it’s also possible to make a positive impact by simply changing a few small habits one at a time. “One of the things we can look at is our purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to new furniture,” explains says Richard Mukheibir, Managing Director of Cash Converters. “The manufacturing of new furniture has a considerable carbon impact, especially when you consider that packaging, storage and shipping form part of the lifecycle of new furniture. There’s a long supply chain that we have no influence over, but we can reduce our carbon footprint by adjusting our buying habits.”
Selling old furniture or buying “pre-loved” furniture keeps it …