Family business’ entrepreneurial spirit trumps tough times

The current economic landscape is having a detrimental effect on both consumer and business confidence, however, PWC’s Family Business Survey: New vines from strong roots 2016/2017 reveals that South Africa’s family business sector is set for quick and aggressive growth over the next five years.

This is according to Anton Roelofse, Regional General Manager at Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS), who says that the report reveals that whilst other businesses are struggling to create revenue, around 78 percent of South African family businesses reported growth during 2017, and 62 percent are expecting to grow steadily over the next five years. “These growing businesses are essential to bolster the struggling economy, so if a person finds themselves in a position to take over a family business, this may be a great opportunity for them to consider.”

Taking over a family business, however, can be daunting for many reasons, says Roelofse. For Business Partners Limited’s client, Le…

Emerging markets at the mercy of many

What Italy’s debt issue and China’s counter-trade-war efforts could mean for SA

As far removed as countries like Italy, China and Turkey may appear to be from South Africa, the local economy has been, and will likely continue to be, negatively impacted by the wide array of seemingly unrelated market issues – such as Italy’s debt woes and China’s retaliatory reaction to the US trade war – through a contagion effect.

This is according to Sanisha Packirisamy, economist at Momentum Investments, who says that financial markets in South Africa are particularly vulnerable because of their depth and high level of liquidity. “While investor jitters started in Turkey and Argentina, where economic mismanagement was evident, financial markets in these countries are not as deep and liquid as South Africa and Brazil, which have been targeted in the latest risk-off episode. It is therefore far easier for investors to get out of positions in these tradeable markets, and as a result, our local economy…

Cam Era's franchise opportunity just got bigger

Cam Era’s security franchise business is based around the incredibly successful French verification alarm called VIDEOFIED.

Because the Videofied alarm system has a discreet surveillance camera built into it, the Armed Response companies have introduced Priority/Panic Response as a way to change the way calls are being handled in the industry, once a verified alarm has been captured.

How does this work? 
By making use of video verification from a 10 second Video clip sent out by the system automatically.

Cam Era’s MD explains that “Video verification is now available as an upgrade to any current alarm system”. Meaning that our franchisee’s clients can now afford to upgrade their existing alarm, to “LIVE VIDEO VERIFICATION” which is received at the Macado Command Centre (MCC).

No more false alarms
We believe that this aspect will become an insurance pre-requisite in the future, and they will insist that ALL commercial, industrial and high-risk residential sites should have video verific…

Targeted computer course can boost your CV

The current economic situation in South Africa presents a huge challenge for all of us on a daily basis. Job-uncertainty and the large percentage of jobless people is making everyone a little bit fearful and uneasy about our own financial situations.

If there ever was a more fitting and especially critical time to sharpen up your computer skills to enable you to stand out in the workplace, this is the time!

Do not let any chance to immediately improve your job prospects, slip by in this last quarter of the year.

With a Creative Minds® / Cyber-Minds Training Institute, short computer course, you can get positive results quickly and build your cv to give yourself a fighting chance. Just call your nearest Creative Minds® branch for a discussion and find out how easy it is to make a huge difference in your computer skill set with the right computer course just for you. Creative Minds® offers the complete range of end-user computer course on Microsoft and Sage Pastel.

More than 45000 stud…

Office Ergonomics: Be kind to your spine

Whether it’s an office workstation, restaurant, factory floor or any of the multitude of other places where we earn our keep, work is a place employed South Africans spend the vast majority of their time. A significant contributing factor to workplace ergonomics hazards is posture, which is affected by the height of a person’s workstation, desk, chair and computer monitor as well as the size of the monitor screen. With people spending increasingly more time sitting at desks, in cars, and hunched over electronic devices, muscular-skeletal problems are on the rise. It’s no wonder then that the 2017 Old Mutual Disability Monitor reported that disabilities related to muscular-skeletal issues are now the third-leading cause of all disability claims.

Speaking in light of World Spine Day, celebrated on the 16th of October, Urvashi Ramjee, Head of claims: Old Mutual Group Assurance, says that the key to addressing issues around ergonomic health is prevention. “Ergonomics promotes a holistic …