Find your dream boss – yourself!

Do you want an exciting job where you learn something every day, meet lots of new people and do not notice the time flying past? Those have been some of the delights of becoming your own boss for Jaco Kruger, one of the partners in the new Cash Converters store in Welkom.

In complete agreement is Jason Lovell of Cash Converters, Arbour Crossing, who has been surprised and delighted by the rapid success that he has managed to achieve. “I expected fairly slow growth but we have more than managed to exceed all expectations,” he says. He puts that success down to “being 110% committed to every aspect of the business.”

Kruger is similarly delighted that his original plan to break even within six months is on track. Robust marketing strategies really help combat counter-campaigns from the competition, he says.
Kim Broom and Africa Msimango took over Cash Converters, Pietermaritzburg, and say they have found it an “amazing experience.” They admit that they had thought that the business’s th…

#SAFranchiseFriday Featuring Neighbiz

No buildings, no staff,  no bookkeeping and no admin

Neighbiz is making a difference in two ways:

Big problem number 1: Neighbiz wants to connect advertisers with their community — they understand that for many businesses, local support can make or break them. There is a significant informal sector of painters, tilers and carpenters etc. whom the community would hire, if only they knew who they were and where to find them. Let’s ask a neighbour — let’s make a new friend! Through the Handy Help section of the Neighbiz platform, micro-businesses can receive an instant boost.

Big problem number 2:The holy grail of online media is the ‘click’, but it may be difficult for customers to find businesses who are lost in cyberspace. With Neighbiz, however, it could be easy because all you need is a smartphone. 90 Percent of ‘spenders’ are chained to their mobile phones and with Neighbiz’s patented technology it is guaranteed that advertisers will be found. SMEs and businesses who are t…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring H2O International

Around the globe H2O International has acquired a reputation as a provider of superior, safe drinking water filter systems. Continuously striving to improve the quality of their offering they tailor products to suit the demands of a specific market, and it is this ability to adapt that has secured their position as a global leader in the water purification industry.

H2O International SA was established in 1994 when Tony Marchesini secured the rights to distribute H2O’s range of products in South Africa. With over 55 franchises and stockists, H2O SA is as a leading force in water purification on the African continent.

Franchisees have a choice of two business models — H2O Water Bar and H2O Water Station. Water Station franchisees also have the option to incorporate a water bottling plant. The Water Bar concept with its smaller footprint is ideal for shopping mall locations while the Water Station concept is well-suited to line shopping centres.

H2O International …

H2O International delivers water refills responsibly in the Cape

Two weeks ago when the DA launched it’s #DefeatDayZero campaign and Level 6B water restrictions came into effect, H2O International founder and CEO, Tony Marchesini, took the decision to suspend the company’s water refill service until alternative water sources could be secured. The announcement was widely welcomed as H2O International was determined to be part of the solution in defeating day zero, as well as being a responsible brand.

Now, with nationwide logistics of the collection and delivery of bottled water being finalised, six branches within the Western Cape region have already identified alternative, non-municipal water sources and are able to continue the walk-in refill service.

The six branches are Knysna, Mossel Bay, the Garden Route, Hermanus, Stellenbosch and Paarl.

“All those utilising our water refill services at these branches can be guaranteed they are not putting pressure on municipal resources and are refilling responsibly,” says Marchesini. “As custodians of g…

Safer Internet practices for SMEs

Safer Internet Day was celebrated around the world on 6 February. Consumers and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) should take the time to ensure that they are managing their cyber risks correctly.

This according to Santho Mohapeloa, Digital Distribution Specialist at SHA Specialist Underwriters, who says that the cyber risks faced by SMEs increase every year. “According to a global Cybercrime Survey Report for 2017 by KPMG¹, approximately 43% of organisations indicated that they have experienced ransomware attacks in the past year.”

According to Mohapeloa, it is therefore becoming increasingly important for SMEs to learn how to protect themselves against cybercrime to the best of their abilities. In line with this year’s Safer Internet Day slogan of “create, connect and share respect”, he provides the following cyber risk management tips.

Mohapeloa says that employee negligence is one of the leading causes of cyber-attacks. “Well-informed staff members alre…