Consumer and Franchising Trends for 2018: The Bed Shop ticks all the right boxes

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how social media affects the way they market and interact with new customers. And despite the rising ‘techlash’, these businesses are becoming more and more informed on who their customers are and their likes and dislikes through the help of these social media channels. Alongside these resources businesses, like The Bed Shop, look toward global trends to help them predict their product’s marketability. While Generation X is on the proverbial out and Generation Y, or more fondly known as Millennials, are on the up, neither consumer should be disregarded in the year to come.

During last year’s Franchise Leadership Summit 2017, the theme of which was ‘Exponential Growth’, Mike Vacy-Lyle, CEO of FNB Business listed trends that businesses should take note of this year. The growing health trend in particular is of interest to The Bed Shop and affects both Generation X and Y. As Gen X is getting increasingly older and life expectancy is increasing, this generation is focussed on living their best life for as long as possible. They making it happen through, specific lifestyle changes that include nutrition and exercise that will also extend to the bedroom. On the other side of the spectrum Millennials are also becoming increasingly aware of healthier lifestyle choices and many are earning salaries that can afford them a this lifestyle without sparing any expense. These consumers are becoming more attuned to the importance of sleep and the effect it has on their overall quality of life. For The Bed Shop health and quality sleep is a major focus and we encourage and empower our franchisees to help customers by giving them expert advice on choosing the right bed for them.

A second emerging trend for 2018 that speaks to The Bed Shop’s business model is personalised services. Consumers are progressively looking for brands that can customise orders. Spending money on experiences are also becoming more popular with both generations and this means that many of them would rather spend money on a great weekend away than on filling their homes with items they don’t necessarily need or increases their quality of life. The Bed Shop’s Dynamic Custom division allows customers the option to customise mattresses whether it is for their home or the luxury vehicle that they use on their weekend get-away. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to start your own business, but you don’t yet have the big idea, then franchising is the way to go. The franchise model and even more so The Bed Shop’s franchise model enables franchisees on all levels to succeed – offering training, marketing and operation support from start to finish. If global and local trends are anything to go by The Bed Shop franchise should be your first stop.

The Bed Shop has over 20 stores across South Africa that are already successfully established and just waiting for new owners to bring their knowledge and energy to the store. To learn more, please contact Kurt Loggenberg on 011 762 1464 or for more information.