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One woman’s vision is helping to accelerate the development of small business enterprises in South Africa

According to Statistics SA, the unemployment rate in South Africa was reported at 23.9% in the fourth quarter of 2011. A figure that can be significantly reduced through the mentorship and development of entrepreneurs in South Africa says Sharon Reed, CEO of Neosho119.
Moreover, Reed is hoping to reduce that statistic through the implementation of a mentoring programme which she herself devised. The Vuka Mentorship Programme™ is focused on ensuring that the widespread development of small business enterprises in South Africa is considerably accelerated, therefore, not only aiding job creation but adding to the country’s GDP growth as well.
Since its inception in 2010, The Vuka Mentorship ProgrammeTM has already encountered considerable success in ensuring mass mentorship, having reached over 738 aspiring entrepreneurs over the past year, through its partnerships with Nedbank and the Gauteng Province. The Nedbank programme has also mentored 240 entrepreneurs during the same period.
Reed …


By Gerhard van Wyk Many franchisees believe that being the “first mover” or first-to-market is the key to success. This is not necessarily true. According to a study cited in the Harvard Business Review, 47% of first movers have failed ( While the first mover has the opportunity to define and own the market, it also faces the greatest risk of failure. By observing the first mover a fast follower can gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The disadvantages associated with being a first mover and when planning and implementing new strategies or product launches, should be considered (Jooste et al, 2009). -The way competition will develop and how the target market will respond is unknown to the first mover. The challenge for first movers is that they may spend time and money on the wrong competitors and markets. -The cost of opening up a market or markets is the burden of the first mover. The benefit of opening u…

New St. Elmo’s Mitchells Plain store offers consumers the ultimate in unique restaurant dining experience

Johannesburg, 19 April 2012 - The new look St. Elmo’s restaurant, recently opened at the Liberty Promenade Shopping Centre in Mitchells Plain, is set to provide residents with a modern dining experience, the ultimate in quality Halaal meal offerings and melt-in-your-mouth appetisers that satisfy any craving.
The open plan dining area of the restaurant provides friends and families with the option to enjoy a wholesome meal in the relaxed and casual environment of the store, while there are secluded booths for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in private. The quick service take-away option is also still available for on-the-go consumers.
Taste Holdings Food Division CEO, Christo Calitz says that the decision to open a St. Elmo’s restaurant with the new look was motivated by market trends.
“The restaurant has been repositioned to incorporate St. Elmo’s updated state-of-the art new look. This includes a fresh new logo design and signage, combined with colourful new menus and in store i…

Maxi’s attractive menu revamp caters to dinner trade

Johannesburg, 18 April 2012 - Maxi’s has revealed a bold trendy menu revamp that will be catering to the tastes of the dinner trade, attracting a new customer base to the family restaurant franchise.
The introduction of the new menu follows a year-long analysis of every aspect of the menu, including customer feedback, the latest in design, food trends, and styling across a diverse range of mediums. The research results also revealed that Maxi’s wholesome meals accompanied by a high-spirited atmosphere, are some of the draw cards that keep customers and their families coming back for more.
Taste Holdings Food Division CEO, Christo Calitz emphasised that from their studies it is clear that consumers want a broader range of menu options and are ready and eager for Maxi’s dinner offering.
“Upon review of our strategy and our successes over the past financial year, it is clear that Maxi’s has the capacity to go a level further in entrenching the brand as a leading family restaurant franchis…

How much does your staff turnover cost?

By Brie Hobbs When one employee leaves it can have a domino effect that impacts your entire team. And staff turnover can get expensive fast. In truth, attrition is an often unavoidable part of business as good and bad employees alike come and go, but having to constantly manage staff changes will hinder you chances at success. In addition to the resultant loss in productivity, staff turnover costs businesses millions of rands in replacement hiring and training costs each year. If you are facing the possibility of attrition in your business, these survival tips will help keep your business running smoothly as you manage the effect of staff turnover. Be prepared. Whether the threat of staff turnover is imminent or not, you can help your business weather transitions better by simply being prepared. One of the most difficult aspects of staff turnover is the loss of knowledge, experience and expertise they bring to the table. Having job descriptions and written procedures in place for specif…


By Nicola Maré
There is no denying that in times of economic downturn both franchisees and franchisors face a difficult challenge. In your search for answers, start by asking simple questions.
Franchisees who are bogged down by the onerous operational responsibilities of managing their businesses, tend to overlook the basics. When business matters get the better of franchisees, it is the responsibility of the franchisor to get them back on track. Search for the simple answer, by asking the simple question, such as....
Are you spending sufficient time in the business?Your business is not your business, until you make it your business. Too often franchisees leave their businesses in the hands of managers who do not have the same vested interest in pleasing customers and making profit. Businesses managed by remote control are most often the first to land in hot water.
Do you actually know how much money you are making?Many franchisees contract a bookkeeper to prepare monthly management acc…


Ocean Basket’s giving the green light to all franchisees to go green with energy-saving and cost-saving lighting. The company, in partnership with Genergy, will replace all their franchisees’ down-lighting and fluorescent tubes with more efficient light bulbs and tubes – at no cost!
Franchisees need to sign a maintenance contract with Genergy, who will be responsible for light bulb maintenance for the next three years.
All standard 50 watt globes will be replaced with 3 watt LED globes, which will save between 30% and 50% of lighting consumption. Since lighting represents between 15% and 18% of a restaurant’s consumption, this is a significant cost cut-back. The changeover to LED globes will be rolled out on a national scale.
This is one step in Ocean Basket’s wider commitment to more efficient electricity use. The Menlyn Ocean Basket is being used as a pilot to study further ways to save on electricity consumption in areas such as air-conditioning, motor refrigeration and geysers.

New Nashua television adverts captures public imagination

When Nashua Limited decided to try something different with their new marketing campaign, they had no idea just how popular their office antic adverts would become. The four new TV adverts from Nashua have already made a considerable impression on the general public since being released, with their “Boss Tennis” advert having been rated as one of the top five adverts in the world by the website
The new marketing campaign has also attracted considerable attention on the information highway, with an average of 3 100 views per week on Nashua’s YouTubechannel, 2 995 views per week on the Nashua website through their ViewTube channel, and over 45 080 unique views on mobile phones.
The adverts, which were devised by Nashua’s advertising agency DoJo115, offer an effective and humorous look as to how Nashua’s Smarter Office Solutions can help its customers to have more fun in the office, by saving them time, money and putting them first.
The adverts introduce four games that can…

Standard Bank launches back-to-basics drive to support small business success

Start it right and boost likelihood of start-up success, says leading bank for business
Standard Bank today [11 April 2012] launched a fresh drive into the small business start-up market in a bid to help small businesses and shake up the way banks approach this sector.
Clive Pintusewitz, Director of Small Enterprise and Enterprise Development at Standard Bank, says many start-up businesses have met a premature end because they have not been built on the most solid foundation.
Recent research showed that a high percentage of new start-up businesses fail within the first 3 years. The findings of another recent survey showed that 440 000 small businesses had failed in the past five years*.
Standard Bank’s new drive, known as BizLaunch, will focus on getting a business started the right way to avoid the false starts that many businesses face.
“If we concentrate on the essentials, what you really need is to register the business, keep track of cash in and cash out, pay suppliers, deposit fun…