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TomTom Launches New Map Input TrackerPeople can now share map feedback faster via any connected device

TomTom (TOM2) today launches its Map Input Tracker API, a new map feedback tool that business customers can easily integrate into their existing products and services. The API enables end-users to share map feedback quickly via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or in-dash navigation unit to contribute to high-quality maps.

“With the launch of our new Map Input Tracker API, we give people the chance to share map feedback, through any connected device, wherever they are,” says Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Maps. “This API enables TomTom to shorten the time between detecting changes in the real world and updating a customer’s map.” 

TomTom is a global leader in smart mapmaking, and one of the first to use crowd sourcing to detect map changes. The launch of this Map Input Tracker API, combined with the recent launch of MultiNet-R, means TomTom can now deliver high quality, rea…
Broad-based SA retail franchising operations will weather the 2015 economic storm
South Africa’s retail franchising sector is currently enduring the country’s economic downturn and performing strongly, mainly due to the widespread franchising opportunities that penetrate virtually all sectors of the economy. This strong performance is expected to continue in 2015 and beyond, predicts Standard Bank. 

Although many South Africans automatically associate franchising with accessible, quick-service restaurant brands, the vast retail sector has several sub-divisions in which franchising is active. They range from the delivery of personal services to convenience stores, grocery outlets, clothing and even the delivery of professional services such as optometry, says Simone Cooper, Head of Franchising and Enterprise Development at Standard Bank. 

“The primary strength of the South African franchise industry lies in this diversification. It gives the sector the ability to rise above the increases …
Turn your company into a money machineUnderstanding the needs and desires of your specific target market is the secret to true business success.

By Harry Welby-Cooke, ActionCOACH Southern Africa

Novice entrepreneurs quickly learn the depth of truth behind the old saying: “It takes money to make money”. Beyond profit, cash flow is king in business. Launching a business can be next to impossible without cash to work with. It is therefore vital for start-up businesses to establish cash flow as quickly as possible during their first year of operation. Since stiff lending standards continue to cripple many start-ups, we consider some of the alternatives available to new business owners to address their cash flow and funding requirements (other than borrowing from family and friends and maxing out their credit cards). Here are some practical ideas to help your cash flow while building a customer base that will serve as the foundation for generating repeat business for years to come.

The single biggest challenge South African small and medium enterprises (SME) owners’ encountered in 2014 was the perilous state of the economy, which resulted in established businesses stagnating, as well as a decline in new businesses creation. 

According to Nazeem Martin, MD of Business Partners Limited, a specialist risk finance company for formal SMEs, 2015 will be similarly challenging for South African small businesses due to the continued sluggish economic growth and the inability of Eskom to ensure an adequate, consistent and reliable power supply. 

He says that overall, 2014 was a tough year for businesses and this was primarily attributed to generally adverse conditions. “Many factors during the year undermined businesses confidence and hence their desire and ability to grow and contribute towards economic growth in the country,” says Martin. 

Martin says one such factor was the national electi…
Sandwich Baron tucks into healthier lifestyles for children
There is no denying that health and proper nutrition go hand in hand and with only one opportunity in this life to ensure a healthy lifestyle, nutrition should be a top priority. 

While we are all equally responsible for making good choices for our own health, the onus rests on parents to teach children to develop a positive relationship with healthy food from an early age. While healthy eating habits most certainly start at home, it is even more important that these habits are exercised at school as well to ensure kids make the right choices for themselves. The reality is, however, that preparing and packing a healthy lunch for a school child is not always an effortless task for a busy parent. Having a full time job and being a 24/7 parent is challenging already – with remembering to opt for healthy lunch box snacks being even more so in most cases.

Fortunately, Sandwich Baron have the ideal way for children to get the healthy …
How to make 2015 the best year for your business

2015 has arrived – and while many business owners have already put their new business plans in place in 2014, for some it remains a daunting task. Proper planning should not be underestimated, however. Without a plan in place, there will be no ‘road map’ available to steer you in the right direction. Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co, Jan de Beer shares some tips below on the important plans that need to be considered, before the new year runs away with us.

With so many things to consider in business, where do you even start when planning for the new business year? Perhaps the ideal starting point might be to firstly review what was accomplished in the year that was. Upon reflection, it is important for a business owner to firstly determine which goals and targets were achieved in the past year and which were not. No matter what the targets were, a business owner needs to conduct a thorough ‘stock take’ of the current business …
Maxi’s Northmead Mall is already going from strength to strength
The new Maxi’s restaurant in the popular Northmead Mall in Benoni is going from strength to strength since opening its doors at the end of November 2014, welcoming customers with a friendly atmosphere and superior quality food. 

Owner Rashal Patel has a depth of experience in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated a Maxi’s restaurant in the East Rand Galleria for two years. Owing to long term renovations at the Galleria, Rashal decided to move the restaurant to its new location at the Northmead Mall. He has been a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur since the age of 17 and has made a success of a number of other business opportunities in the past.

“My success with the Maxi’s East Rand Galleria franchise proved I have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure Maxi’s Northmead Mall turns over a healthy profit, attracts new customers and maintains relationships with existing clientele,” Rashal says. “With robust manag…
The Fish & Chip Co. starves hunger off – one chip at a time
In business, the concept of corporate social investment (CSI) is more than a PR activation to enhance a brand’s image. It is rather about fostering social stewardship, which has become a crucial aspect of leading businesses responsibly. Charity work has become an extension of what many businesses stand for, as more and more organisations know that serving others is what brings about sustainable business growth. This rings true with The Fish & Chip Co. who understands that a brand can only be successful if it goes above and beyond the requirements of simply being a good corporate citizen.

“For us, CSI is not only about giving back, but about fighting for the greater good of the country,” shares marketing manager of The Fish & Chip Co, Pertunia Tsotetsi. 

“No matter what time of the year it is – beginning, middle or end, Christmas or even on Mandela Day, CSI is an ongoing commitment where brands can take whatever resou…