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The Vuka Mentorship ProgrammeTMis helping to further the prosperity of start-up businesses

A recent media report highlighted that almost two-thirds of South African start-up businesses fail within the first two years; a figure which the National Youth Development Agency says is one of the highest failure rates of start-up businesses in the world.
This undesirable figure could be swiftly turned around through an increased focus on educating first time entrepreneurson various business basics.
Well aware of this focus, Neosho119 has already demonstrated how first time business owners can be placed on the road to lasting enterprise success through partaking in The Vuka Mentorship ProgrammeTM.
A case in point is Alinah Missouri an entrepreneur, who has been able to create a vastly improved business plan owing to skills she has garnered from partaking in the Programme. She explains further.
“Previously, I was always unfocused about my business idea, and was trying to work on too many ventures. However, thanks to the business tools that The Vuka Mentorship ProgrammeTMhas provided…

Col’Cacchio pizzeria Westlake

Now open!
Col’Cacchio is Italian for “mouthwatering new kid on the block!” Actually it isn’t. But it is the reason you’ll crave pizza. The Col’Cacchio pizzeria family just got bigger – with the addition of a new restaurant in Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Tokai, Cape Town.
Dine at Col’Cacchio pizzeria Westlake and experience Italian inspired food at it’s best. Or simply get it to go – they do take aways too! The menu offers over 50 different combinations of thin based, gourmet pizzas and an impressive variety of freshly prepared salads and pastas.
There are a number of options for anyone with food allergies or restricted diets – with the offering of sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten-free pizza bases as well as wheat and gluten-free pasta. No preservatives are added in any dishes and everything is made fresh to order.
It all goes back to 1992, when this now nationwide chain first started serving up Italian food with innovative flair. With 20 stores across the country, they’re still feeding the…

The fine art of the franchise relationship!

By Nicola Maré
In the last issue we looked at franchisee satisfaction and the factors that impact thereon. An important aspect of guaranteeing franchisee satisfaction is ensuring that franchisors understand the subtleties of the franchise relationship. Personally and professionally, it is probably a more complex relationship than any other you might be involved in.
If you don’t understand your franchisees, you have no hope of communicating with them. You need to know what makes them “tick”, so that you know which buttons to press to keep them motivated and interested in maintaining standards.
However, theory is easy, the reality is a little more difficult to fulfil. As franchise organisations face the intense pressures of the marketplace, “people” sometimes are forgotten. We can’t have relationships without people and we run the risk that the human face of franchising gets buried under contracts, manuals, plans and strategies. A breakdown in the franchise relationship can lead to costl…


With attendance figures up, both exhibitors and visitors to FASA’s International Franchise Expo held last week agreed that South Africa had indeed ‘turned the corner’ and could be heading for recovery and renewed growth. Commenting on the positive buzz that was felt at this year’s expo, FASA’s Executive Director Vera Valasis believes that, as is always the case, “franchising is always able to weather the storm and is the first to kick-start recovery with new ideas and new concepts.” This year’s IFE was marked by the largest number of new concepts seen in quite a while – from intimate lingerie, fashion brands, nutritional health concepts to solar and business services.Food concepts took centre stage with up-and-coming brands like Scooters Pizza, Maxi’s, Galito’s, Anat’s, Fish and Chips Co, Kauai, Pizza del Forno, Old Fashioned Fish ‘n Chips, Sausage Saloon, St Elmo’s, Sandwich Baron and The Brazen Head cementing their positions in the market place. A good number of new food concepts, bo…
Franchising, like most things in life, holds both advantages and disadvantages. In order to arrive at an informed decision, in addition to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of franchising, prospective franchisees must also attempt to see things from the franchisor’s point-of-view.
The use of an established brandUnder the franchise contract and its terms, conditions and contract period, the franchisee is allowed to operate under the umbrella of an established brand, using a recognized trademark and operating in accordance with tried and tested operational principles.
A proven systemUnlike a truly independent entrepreneur, a franchisee need not prove the viability of the concept. This has been done for him by the franchisor, who has tested the concept in his own stores. This extends to the product or service, the marketing thereof and the systems and procedures necessary for the profitable operation of the bu…

Mio Col’Cacchio pizzeria

It’s the reason you crave pizza!
The Col’Cacchio pizzeria family just got bigger – but only a little bit bigger – with the addition of a brand-new “convenience-store” in Belvedere Square, Claremont, Cape Town.
Meet the first Mio Col’Cacchio pizzeria.
It’s an Italian express store for busy people with discerning palates. With all the Col’Cacchio pizzeria favourites on offer, Mio invites you to eat in, take out or phone for a convenient delivery. It’s time-saving. But it’s not fast food. It’s small. But it’s serious about service.
It all goes back to 1992, when this now nationwide chain first started serving up Italian food with innovative flair. With 19 stores across the country, they’re still feeding the South African appetite for thin-based pizzas, hearty pastas and a unique selection of fresh and delicious salads. And now they’re doing it more convenient, smaller, to deliver and to-go.
Mio, Belvedere Square is set to open its doors on 26 March 2012. Future plans include stores in othe…

Are Performance Reviews a Thing of the Past?

By Jared Brox
A study conducted by research and consulting firm, Burke International, reveals that of the 70% of employees who receive annual performance reviews, less than half believe they are effective. A disturbing statistic given that the basic idea behind a performance review is not only to help the development of individual employees, but also to help ensure a company’s future viability by maintaining a strong productive workforce overall.
So, the question is, are annual performance reviews even worth the time and effort? The answer is yes… and no. It really depends on whether a company is willing to commit to the process. When done correctly, performance reviews are a great opportunity to praise employees’ hard work and dedication or offer coaching in areas where they are lagging behind. However, when performed incorrectly, a performance review could easily turn into a blame session. Performance reviews rife with insincerity and empty promises will ultimately do more harm than goo…

The Unique Skills required for SME Directorship

By Carl Bates BEING a director of a small to medium enterprise (SME) is both a science and an art. While it requires the same fundamental skills as those necessary for corporate environments, the unique nature of the SME environment requires additional skills and abilities. As with corporate governance in larger organisations, foundational knowledge of governance principles, King III and the fiduciary duties of directors is essential. This includes both an academic understanding and practical knowledge of how to translate governance principles into SME-specific board actions that drive real results. Coupled with this is the need for a holistic perspective and broad-based business experience. In corporate environments a larger board, board advisors and specialist committees create greater space for specialist skills as a director. SME directors need to have a practical understanding of all aspects of business, as opposed to depth in just one area. According to Kerstin Jatho, managing direc…


By Eugene Honey
Over the past few months we have dealt extensively with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Franchisors who have not embarked on the process of refining their business model to reduce vulnerabilities, have not yet updated their franchise agreement to be CPA complaint, ensuring that the franchisor’s rights are upgraded and protected, are advised to do so as soon as possible.Dallying over these tasks may leave a franchisor vulnerable should they seek to enforce their rights, including against an errant franchisee.
The primary question here is whether the franchisor is in a position to properly protect the franchise system. To help franchisors critically assess their position in this regard, we provide a few pointers below.
The franchisor’s rights at termination of the agreement fall predominantly into two areas. Firstly there are the contractual rights as set out in the franchise agreement, and secondly, the franchisor’s Intellectual Property (IP) rights, including trade ma…