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A business plan means business
When starting a business there are many factors that come into play that need to be analysed to ensure its success. Price, place, promotion and product are but some of the important aspects in the business mix that need to be planned and executed meticulously. In the flurry of dynamics to consider, many entrepreneurs tend to forget that having a business plan to drive the business processes is actually the most crucial, regardless of the sector type. This is especially true in franchising. Even though the franchising model affords owners the benefit of added support that is rooted in an established foundation, the business plan is just as important as in any other industry. Sally J’Arlette – Joy, the franchisor of Sandwich Baron, shares more on the importance of a business plan for the franchisee and the franchisor.

A business plan is basically a document that summarises the operational and financial objectives of a business. Additionally, this document al…
Working on and in your business - a must in franchising
In the business world, owners are often told that the key to steering their company to success comes down to how well they can delegate to others to complete the front-of-store activities, allowing them to do the more ‘strategic’ work. This with the idea that they will then have the opportunity to focus on the brand, with the bigger picture in mind. While it is never a bad idea to work smartly in business, this way of running things will not be effective in all instances. The franchising concept, for instance, does call for a franchisee to be as involved as they possibly can in building the store or brand – from the inside and out. National Operations Manager of The Fish & Chip Co, Werner Hedder, shares more insight on this topic below.
The definition of owner management basically goes that working in your store means physically performing the core functions that the business is built upon. From taking orders to training and pa…
How to keep feet coming through your doors during the winter blues
Shaazia Bhika, the proud owner of Maxi’s Overport Halaal, a franchise of nationwide family restaurants that forms part of the Taste Holdings group, discusses how to keep a consumer-driven businesses thriving, especially during the colder season. It is no secret that the restaurant industry takes a bit of knock during the colder months as customers prefer ordering take-aways and eating it in the comfort and warmth of their homes.  Although, if the customer is going to a restaurant that boasts a warm and welcoming environment that offers great food and excellent service, it does tend to make their visit much more pleasant -- and more frequent.   
Here are a few tried and tested tips on how to keep your customers loyal and coming back for more, even during the colder seasons.  
1.Winter-proof your premises
Sitting in a chest freezer is nobody’s idea of fun so focus on winter-proofing your restaurant to make it as comfortable a…
The business of managing expectations in franchising
Within the franchising model, the premise goes that the business concept is one that offers entrepreneurs a sure-fire way of being successful. With its foundation firmly established on a legacy that has stood the test of time, a franchised business offers any entrepreneur the tried and tested plans and practices to make a business excel. 

While the expected success rate of a franchise proves to be its strongest point, it can also be one of the most misleading points, which has blinded many owners once they are in the business, as the expectations that many franchisees have upon entering into this industry are often too high. Founder of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, who is both a franchisor and franchisee, knows first-hand how unmet expectations within a franchise can often lead to frustration and even conflict within a group and shares more insights below.
When the negotiations between the franchisor and the franchisee start, …
Real People Group expands finance offering to local entrepreneurs The Real People Group, a responsible lender that offers purpose specific lending to individuals for home improvements, SME business finance, education finance and rehabilitative finance, announced the conclusion of a deal to expand its business finance offering to local entrepreneurs.
The Group has acquired the management team, SME loan book and entrepreneurship training facilities from Wizzit Bank. Neil Grobbelaar, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Real People Group, believes the acquisition will promote the Group’s business finance agenda within the South African operating environment.
“The acquisition allows us to offer business loans to small and medium sized enterprises with the intention of servicing the needs of both new and existing entrepreneurs sourcing specialist funding primarily within the franchise sector. However, it is envisaged that this original specialisation will grow into other sectors o…
Taste Holdings secures exclusive master licence for Domino's Pizza, world's largest pizza chain
Taste Holdings this morning announced that it has signed an exclusive 30 year master licence agreement to develop the international Domino’s Pizza brand, initially in seven Southern African countries, including South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Zambia and Malawi will follow on the fulfilment of certain conditions. Domino’s Pizza is considered the world's leading pizza delivery brand in both store numbers and unit sales, and has over 10,800 outlets in more than 70 countries. The brand will form part of the growing Taste Holdings stable and will become the group’s leading pizza franchise offering as Scooters Pizza and St Elmo’s franchisees will be given the opportunity and assistance to convert to Domino’s Pizza. CEO of Taste Holdings and founder of Scooters Pizza, Carlo Gonzaga, says that the both Scooters Pizza and St Elmo’s are based o…
Franchising - a recession proof small business model

The risks for new business owners increase daily, but an existing model is gaining momentum and support in the economy. With the petrol price rise on April 5th, the petrol price increased by 36c a litre, pushing the petrol price to over R14 per litre. This fuelled by the weakening rand contributes to increase food prices and other input costs. Add that to the slow GDP growth as well as the increasing cost of labour and the risks for new business owners starts increasing dramatically. While the risks may be high, there are business models that entrepreneurs can consider. “Franchising as an example offers prospective entrepreneurs a tried and trusted model that provides the concept, support and infrastructure that new businesses need,” says Cash Converters managing director Richard Mukheibir.

Mukheibir believes that the current economic outlook is like “the wings behind us”. In his franchise model, instead of holding back, he believ…
Happy.Me™ Teas
Happy.Me takes tea drinking from the every-day to the sublime

Happy.Me™ approaches tea like one does a fine wine. Their range of delectable teas that have been carefully selected to expertly blend into the drinks on offer, literally take tea drinking from the every-day to the sublime.
Select Assam tea, which is hand harvested from the highlands of India, enhances Happy.Me™ drinks with robust body and delicious maltiness; buttery and fragrant Osmanthus tea enriches Happy Me’s™ black tea blends; indigenous Rooibos offers warmth and spice, whilst Japanese Matcha tea, with its distinctive sweetness, also boosts one’s metabolism, reduces cholesterol and helps to moderate stress.
Happy.Me™ has even sourced the finest Jade oolong tea leaves from the mountains of Taiwan, often described as the “champagne of teas”, to enhance select beverages with a fresh green-floral aroma and sweet flavour.
Sample Happy.Me™‘s Traditional Vanilla Milk tea, made from Assam leaves, or their refreshing…
3 habits of highly successful franchisees
To be a franchise owner is one thing, but to be a successful franchise owner is another. Many people think the day they open up the doors to their business is the day they automatically start making money but it’s not as simple as that.
To be a successful franchisee or in fact a successful entrepreneur in general, you need to adopt the necessary habits for success. Sean Lilley, the Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza shares some insights of the habits necessary for business success.
Habit 1: Connect with your customers
Your customers are your bread and butter, without them you only have a product or service that is useless to an unreceptive market. Research shows that by connecting with your customers emotionally, you have a 300% chance of being recommended to others, they are 44% less likely to shop around for a similar product and they are 33% less sensitive to pricing.  Your priority should therefore be to know your customer, not just unders…
Find the business you’ve been looking for – in one weekend
It is common knowledge that due to tried and test business formula, franchising offers potential business owners more security than traditional self-start businesses. In addition to selecting a sector and a business franchise that you will enjoy, looking for a good business profit model, researching high integrity propositions, understanding the legalities and pros and cons of franchising in general, you have hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to choose from.
This year the International Franchise Exhibition (IFE), which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre from 10 to 12 April 2014, will again offer potential franchisees the perfect platform to gain an understanding of the business opportunities available in South Africa. Over 50 different franchise brands will be exhibiting at the event, with Scooters Pizza being one of them.
Sean Lilley, Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza states that many potential franchisee…
Sandwich Baron franchise winner opens his doors to successIn February 2013, Sandwich Baron, in association with the Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA), announced that they would be giving one hardworking, driven and passionate entrepreneur the opportunity of owning and managing their very own Sandwich Baron store.
After months of in depth reviews and research into the entrants, the winner, Scott Mitchley of Sandringham, Gauteng, was selected. He officially opened the doors of his new store at the Beyerspark shopping centre in Boksburg on 1 March 2014.
Mitchley entered the competition after hearing about it at the 2013 International Franchising Exhibition and decided to enter as a Sandwich Baron franchise has such great appeal. Aside from the business offering great opportunity for growth, Mitchley was also pleased with the idea that he would be able to build and operate a profitable business from a premise that does not require foot traffic, has great passing trade and is b…