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#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Car Service City

Car Service City was established in 2004 as the first franchise offering in the Car City Holdings stable of business opportunities. Known for their ethical approach and proven business model, Car Service City is fast becoming one of South Africa’s leading car servicing groups. It is their ambition to become the most recognized and respected brand in the car servicing industry that drives this business model.

In the current tough trading environment, this franchise group has not only survived, but thrived, proving that this is, in fact, a ‘recession-proof’ business. Car Service City outlets are available in three formats identified as Basic, Intermediate and Superior.

Through its network of conveniently located workshops, Car Service City franchises provide quality car servicing at affordable prices. Working with all makes of vehicles, Car Service City outlets offer major services and repairs including brake, clutch, CV joint, exhaust, carburettor and radiator re…

SA needs job creation and financial inclusion - Nhlanlha Nene

Jobs are not created through government announcements, but by people using their resources to start and build businesses, former finance minister, Nhlanlha Nene, said in Midrand last week at the opening of a new Cash Converters store in Sanridge Square

“The inactivity of broad sections of our society reduces the country’s potential for economic growth and development. Therefore inclusive growth must, by definition, increase the participation of South Africans of working age,” he said.

Nene said he agrees with the OECD observation that a more dynamic business environment with higher rates of entrepreneurship and where small businesses are growing, can contribute to job creation. Other research has confirmed the OECD finding that South Africa lags far behind other emerging economies regarding starting new businesses. “To halve unemployment, South Africa must create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship.”

He also emphasised the importance of financial inclusion. “We have made rem…

The revived Kwikfit franchise model is now in full swing!

Kwikfit SA has established, under the new model, a comprehensive car care solution to the consumer. We have grown our corporate footprint to six stores with more to follow. Kwikfit has created the following concepts:

Car beauty franchises consisting of carwash and valet, as well as dent & scratch booths. Here we are looking for franchisees who wish to operate their own businesses, as well as current car wash operators operating in malls and wishing to expand.

Car health franchises consisting of every service available to a car from diagnostics to tyre changes.  We see ourselves as the general vehicle practitioner, servicing all its internal organs. Any new store will include at least two of the four offerings mentioned above. Adding some of Kwikfit’s products to existing fitment centres has yielded over a 50% turnover increase in Kwikfit’s two main street operations. Kwikfit’s two beauty operations in malls have added over 50% turnover to the single operations and nearly doubled the…

FNB announces the 6th Franchise Leadership Summit

The highly anticipated annual FNB Franchise Leadership Summit (FNB FLS) will take place at Indaba Hotel, Fourways on Thursday, 16 November 2017. The event is well attended by premium franchisors and companies that are interested in and those providing extended services in franchising as an expansion mechanism.

The theme for this year’s Summit is “exponential growth through entrepreneurship.”  Morne Cronje, Head of Franchising at FNB Business says, “Franchising remains one of the most resilient and powerful ways to stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation in South Africa despite the constrained economic climate. This year, we are putting the spotlight on entrepreneur ship in the context of franchising, with insights from a great line-up of experts.”

The speaker line-up includes: Brian Altriche, Founder of RocoMama’s (RocoMama’s journey); Gerry Thomas - Managing Director of Krispy Kreme South Africa (Investing in foreign brands: The case of Krispy Kreme); Ina Paarman - Founder of In…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Kauai

Kauai was founded in 1996 by three friends who wanted to bring the healthy eating trend to South Africa. Since its inception the brand has expanded to over 150 stores across the country, serving healthy and delicious smoothies and meals. Today Kauai operates under the multi-brand food group, Real Foods (Pty) Ltd.

What sets Kauai apart from other franchisors is their passion for all aspects of the business, from the brand values to the bottom line of each restaurant. As the majority of Kauai restaurants are still company-owned, franchisees are assured that the franchisor shares the same objectives and that decisions are made based on what is right for the brand as a whole. Kauai is committed to maintaining a supply chain that supports farmers using sustainable practices and to locally source fresh produce where possible.

Kauai aims to inspire a ‘real food’ revolution in South Africa and to make healthy eating habits accessible and exciting. Using only the best qu…

Namibian TV star launches his Cash Converters franchise

There’s nothing Namibian TV personality and actor Dalton Ashikoto enjoys more than juggling careers. Now he is aiming to become a master of multitasking, running a new Cash Converters store in Mega Centre at Windhoek’s Grove Mall. Ashikoto’s Cash Converters store opened on 16 September 2017.

“My career has been dominated by the two loves of my life – performing and business,” says Windhoek born and bred Ashikoto. Now 45, he plays businessman Archie Gumbi in TV hit Generations: The Legacy and previously appeared as tax commissioner Stanley Gwala in Rhythm City. He has also acted alongside Hollywood superstar Samuel L. Jackson in the SA-filmed US movie Kite.

The acting bug first bit Ashikoto while he was studying for a degree in computer science in Nairobi, Kenya, in the mid-1990s. One of his earliest parts was the lead, Romeo, in Romeo and Juliet, a pivotal experience that ensured the growth of his new passion and eventually led him to train in Los Angeles, USA. Even so, Ashikoto did …

Young Sandwich Baron star sets sights on taking group global

In less than five years, Michael Straker has become Sandwich Baron’s star franchisee. At 25 years old, this driven young businessman has turned three of the franchise group’s stores around and is intent on taking the Sandwich Baron concept global.
Determined to become a Sandwich Baron franchisee, Straker started as a cashier at Alberton Sandwich Baron in 2010 where he learnt the basics of the business. “After two years at the store, I went to the United Kingdom to try and make it as a cricketer. I returned to South Africa a year and a half later to take up a position as a junior manager at the Sandwich Baron in Germiston.”
Having not worked at Sandwich Baron for a while, Staker had to learn the basics again and acquire management skills. After a year, at only 20 years old, he was promoted to store manager at Germiston, a role he fulfilled for three years. During this time, he increased the store’s profitability and elevated it into the top five in the group.
After his success at Germ…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Col'Cacchio Pizzeria

Since 1992 Col’Cacchio has been dedicated to serving gourmet, thin-based woodfired pizza, generously proportioned fresh salads and delicious pasta dishes. In 2017, new traditional Italian-inspired dishes were added to the menu which now boasts breakfasts, light meals and main meals, including beef and chicken dishes along with all the Col’Cacchio classics.

The three directors, Kinga Baranowska, Michael Terespolsky and Greg Mommsen are very much involved in the day-to-day running of the business, keeping the entrepreneurial passion alive whilst providing support to the group with their solid business know-how. Michael and Kinga opened the first Col'Cacchio on Cape Town's Foreshore and Greg opened and owns the first franchised store, Col’Cacchio Nicolway in Bryanston.

Col'Cacchio caters to the South African appetite for consistent, healthy and fresh meals in a casually sophisticated setting. Col'Cacchio was voted Best Italian Franchise in 2011 and …

Entrepreneurship in franchising

Are you too entrepreneurial for franchising? Contributed by Franchize Directions

While there seems to be no clear-cut definition of what an entrepreneur is, we are able to glean the characteristics or common threads from the definitions we find. Essentially, an entrepreneur is a self-starter, an innovator, a creator, an implementer and a risk-taker.

Purchasing a franchise means buying into a proven business model; i.e. a concept developed and refined into a viable business opportunity by another entrepreneur. As a franchisee you must respect both the brand and the business system of the franchisor. The profile of a franchisee is not that of an entrepreneur in the ‘maverick’ sense it is often defined as.

As a franchisee there are certain elements that are crucial to the national brand and system identity, and which are therefore ‘non-negotiable’. Depending on the parameters that define each particular franchise business system, the levels of entrepreneurial flexibility will differ.

A ‘…

SA’s growth engines feeling the weight of economic strain

SME indicators of distress, in particular the number of liquidations, are increasing. “We have noticed a sharp increase in credit risk amongst our clients,” says Bierman. He points to the Business Partners Limited 2016/2017 financial results which reported that net credit losses had almost doubled during the financial year, highlighting the level of distress amongst SMEs.

Bierman stresses that SMEs are critical engines for growth and job creation, and, as conditions are expected to get worse before they get better, SMEs need to prepare for the challenges ahead. “If business owners are to steer their companies through this almost perfect economic storm, and possibly emerge stronger, they need to set a clear course and actively stick to the plan.

“Now, more than ever, business owners need to anticipate the future by forecasting and quantifying the cash flow implications for multiple scenarios. Should the country face further economic strain, business owners should attempt to secure acc…

Compliance for entrepreneurs

A practical guide to determining which legislations apply to your business.
By Monisha Prem

Owing to the ever-increasing number of laws, entrepreneurs are faced with mounting red tape and/or regulatory compliance to adopt and apply in their businesses. While these legal requirements create obligations, they also provide certain rights and protection. All businesses, whether small or large, are required to comply with legislation (passed by government), regulations (rules prescribed by regulatory bodies) or industry best practices.

Compliance legislations that govern business

Compliance requirements range from the registration of businesses and business names to licensing, workers’ compensation, tax, unemployment compensation, intellectual property protection and industry-specific requirements such as compliance with professional bodies.

Where does the compliance onus lie?

It is the responsibility of the business owner to determine which legislations and regulations apply to their busines…

Cash Converters & Jacaranda FM challenge

How do you pack two bicycles, two tricycles, camping chairs, a tent, poker table, portable washing machine, water containers, vacuum cleaner, lanterns, toaster, kettle braai, gym equipment, fishing rods, suitcases, paintings, big ornaments, appliances, water cooler, water skis, bike helmets and portable braais from Cash Converters in a family car?

Ask the current Miss SA and a previous Miss SA, who managed to do this in under 45 minutes for a challenge on Jacaranda FM. They even packed in the Cash Converters banners. Rian van Heerden asked listeners what women are terrible at. Packing a car, they said. So he invited Miss SA 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and former Miss SA, Melinda Bam, without telling them about the challenge.

Melinda’s husband, former Mr SA, Adriaan Bergh, had to wrap a tricycle, motorcycle helmet and candlestick as his part of the challenge.

11 Strategies for growth

In times of political and financial uncertainty when morale is low, it is vital to encourage franchisees to keep their eye on the ball and to become growth-minded.

Franchize Directions conducts a number of franchisee satisfaction surveys on behalf of franchisors every year, and in light on the political and financial uncertainty surrounding us, it is not surprising that recent surveys have revealed franchisees’ spirits to be tempered to low. Now is the time when franchisors must encourage their franchisees to keep their eye on the ball and to become growth-minded. While a franchise network offers safety in numbers during uncertain times, they are by no means immune to the impact of political and financial turmoil.

When surveys are facilitated by an independent third-party, franchisees feel comfortable providing honest feedback to be put forward as a collective voice. Like a parent, it is the role of the franchisor to lead and create an environment of security and, above all, to not al…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Crazy Copies & Stationery

Crazy Copies & Stationery is a family-owned business that was started in Centurion 23 years ago. While the business is based on family values, over the years it has developed its own character as a business with an informal twist where the clientele is made to feel welcome and the community get to know one another. It is the type of store where kids who once bought their Grade 1 stationery supplies and books are returning today to stock up on their university supplies.

Crazy Copies & Stationery is a business where both the management and staff strive towards service excellence.

The Crazy Copies & Stationery franchise concept was founded on the franchisor’s belief that ‘people buy from people’. Crazy Copies & Stationery is a business opportunity in the print-to-go industry, ideally suited to individuals with entrepreneurial drive. In this user-friendly environment where personal service is the order of the day, it is the customer that dictates the…

The power of persuasion — negotiate like a pro

Business doesn't happen unless two or more people enter into a transaction; so if you're in business, you're a negotiator. You have no choice.
By Gary Epstein

Most entrepreneurial skills can’t be taught in school and one of the best skills to be armed with is knowing how to negotiate and, even more importantly, how to negotiate your way to a ‘yes’.

Being able to negotiate well impacts so many key factors in our careers. We negotiate for our jobs and salaries, for promotions and resources, and with clients, employees and franchise partners. If you’re an entrepreneur and franchise owner, you seem to be negotiating non-stop.

A big part of mastering the art of persuasion comes from understanding what kind of negotiator you are. Some might say that in a negotiation it’s best to let your inner rottweiler out, but if that is not your natural style, it probably won’t work for you. Whether you are a tough negotiator or prefer a subtler approach, staying true to yourself should deli…

Engel & Völkers partner Antoinette Swanepoel celebrates 3 years

Why did you join E&V?  
In December 2004 I was head hunted by the Licence Partner of the Engel & Völkers Hartbeespoort Dam shop at the time. I could not resist the brand, the image and the systems that put us ahead of our competitors. We have a clean, neat and professional image and I believe Engel & Völkers is a market leader.

Since you opened your licence, what has your experience been within the E&V group?  
Cherry Grobler and I became the new Licence Partners of the Engel & Völkers Hartbeespoort Dam Licence in April 2014. The opportunity for growth was tremendous and the challenge for us to take on a licence in the Western Cape could not be resisted. We expanded our reach to the Durbanville and surrounds, where after I relocated here to take on the running of the new licence. We have since then built the best great sales and admin team possible. One of my highlights in my career was attending the Licence Partner training in Hamburg in 2016.

Can you tell us a bit …

Which tax benefits can homeowners enjoy?

By Chantalle Bell

It is that time of year again where all income from property investments must be declared to SARS and is subject to income tax, this includes all rental income. In preparation for tax season, taxpayers can start gathering all the supporting documents that are needed to submit their tax returns. The first important point to note when reviewing the income tax implications of residential properties is the difference between; the income tax of primary residences and buy to let residential properties:

Primary residences are occupied by the owner of the property and there is therefore no taxable income that is generated from the ownership of the property. All the costs that are incurred in relation to the property are therefore of a personal nature and cannot be deducted for income tax purposes.

Rental properties are leased by a tenant and the owner of the property (the lessor) receives a monthly rental income in return for leasing the property. The rent income must be inclu…

#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Levingers

Levingers Expert Shoe Repairs, as it was originally known, was founded by Henry Levinger, a Jewish immigrant who settled in South Africa during the turbulent years of World War II. Ownership of the company eventually passed to his children, Peter and Margaret. Peter, who had originally studied to become a medical doctor, developed a reputation for his superior work on orthopaedic shoes and under his stewardship the business grew from a single outlet to a chain of three with branches in Cresta, Balfour Park and Killarney.

After Peter’s death the business changed hands a number of times until 2012 when it was acquired by Hay Business Consulting under the direction of Yadhir Mooloo. With their thorough understanding of the dry cleaning and laundry industry, Yadhir’s team created an effective and profitable franchise model.

In addition to their standard dry cleaning, laundry and on-site shoe repair services, Levingers outlets retail an extensive range of shoe and cl…