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Giving up the corporate life to become your own boss
Advice on franchising by Pieter Scholtz, Master Licensee for ActionCOACH SA. ActionCOACH is one of the fastest growing and most successful business coaching franchises in the world today.
Right now there are many corporate executives perched in high rise buildings contemplating a career change. They have spent many years ladder-stepping their way to the top, learning the art of good governance, management, risk and reward, but in their heart of hearts there is a (secret) desire to go it alone. I know this because I was once in this position. 
With years of executive management learnings tucked neatly under my belt, I decided to resign from the board level I had reached and relinquish my guaranteed monthly paycheque to be my own boss.
Because I didn’t want the growing pains of starting a business from scratch, buying into a tried and tested franchise brand seemed the logical way to go. Already in my mid-forties, as is the case for most…