Our future is together - Becoming a Bosch Car Service workshop

As the business environment for workshops becomes more diversified, new opportunities are opening up for ambitious, entrepreneurial businesses. Rather than restricting themselves to servicing a single brand, increasing numbers of workshops are looking to extend the scope of their offering. By doing so, they are able to access new growth potential by attracting a wider range of customers. This is precisely the situation that the Bosch Car Service concept was designed to enable.

Robert Bosch was one of the first to recognize the need for consistent excellence in both component quality and customer service: attributes that still define our offering today. Bosch Car Service has become one of the world’s leading workshop networks as a result of our unique know-how and systematic approach to quality control.

Our worldwide reputation for quality and service helps Bosch Car Service workshops to boost their image as the most competent experts in their area, while allowing them to increase profitability with a premium service.

Our full-service workshop concept gives our partners the quality, flexibility and diversity they need to capture far more local business, including business customers and multi-brand fleets. We also offer practical development support in optimizing your workshop organization and management processes, helping you to win new customers while strengthening existing relationships.

Bosch Car Service offers you comprehensive support in all key areas of your business, including technical support, business processes and development, our class-leading systematic quality program and extensive networking opportunities.

Today’s competitive business environment for workshops will only get more challenging. Vehicles are becoming ever more complex and customers ever more demanding. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who are best placed to exploit every advantage that technology, training, top-quality components, streamlined processes and excellent customer service can offer. Together, that is what we can achieve.

To find out more about your future as a Bosch Car Service Workshop – with all the benefits
of being part of a truly global brand – visit www.bosch.co.za.