Important Strategic Partnerships for The Tax Shop

Regardless of the industry in which any business operates, having an ally in the form of a strategic partner will benefit a business.  Strategic partnerships provide competitive advantage and opportunities to access a broader range of resources and expertise.  Such partnerships can often provide distinctive skill sets and product lines that are different from the competition.  Such distinctions are of even greater significance in a franchised operation where the benefits from strategic alliances can be leveraged across the entire franchise group.  The main objective of such alliances is the true synergy of one plus one equals five instead of two.

We have always regarded our strategic partnerships with great importance and are proud to have formalised partnerships with top professional organisations and software providers, allowing us to offer unique and customised services to our clients.  We currently have alliances with the following:
  1. Prominent accounting bodies in SA.
  2. Prominent tax body in SA.
  3. Leading providers of accounting software.
  4. Leading providers of financial statement preparation software.
  5. Leading provider of payroll software.
  6. Leading provider of company secretarial software.
Our work with the accounting and tax bodies in SA has enabled us to provide training to their members, which, in turn has enabled us to strengthen the training of our own franchisees.  Having alliances with various leading software providers has not only meant joining forces in roadshows and other exhibitions, but, also being able to obtain larger discounts than would be available to individual accountants in practice.  These savings we have been able to pass on to our franchisees and ultimately to our clients.

None of the alliances we have set up have come quickly.  Intensive investigation, careful negotiation and genuine collaboration has taken place to ensure that our strategic partners are a perfect fit for The Tax Shop and vice versa.  We are extremely proud of these partnerships and will continue to actively seek out new alliances which can benefit our franchise and our clients.