#SA Franchise Friday featuring Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro and its manufacturer, Nanoshine Ltd, are changing the dynamics of the coating industry. In 2010, Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro — a series of products for the automotive, air and marine markets suited for paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic, and rubber surfaces. What sets Ceramic Pro apart from the competition is their patented, cutting-edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics).

Having dedicated years to perfecting their industrial multifunctional protective coatings, the company continues to strive to improve their products and work towards their goal of being the number one choice in nano protection in South Africa.

In the current economic environment where people are increasingly compelled to hold on to their vehicles and homes for longer, people are also looking for ways to preserve the value of these items, and this is where Ceramic Pro has identified a particular niche. Ceramic Pro South Africa’s network of outlets provides nano-based protective coatings to the automotive, aviation, maritime, construction, wood and textile sectors.

A good protective coating is so much more than gloss and saturated colour. Ceramic Pro solutions combine many important characteristics including chemical and UV resistance, long-lasting hydrophobic effect, and scratch and heat resistance. Ceramic Pro can be used on any surface from wooden decks to tiles, glass, braais and even bags and shoes, in fact, any substrate that requires maintenance would benefit from a Ceramic Pro application.

The Ceramic Pro target market comprises dealerships, executive car owners, aviation and marine companies, wood and tile companies, and the man on the street.

Ideally outlets should be located in close proximity to upmarket motor dealerships.
In a typical outlet the owner-operator will be supported by a receptionist/admin assistant, five technicians and a cleaner.

In addition to providing guidance around the administration and legalities associated with establishing a new franchise, the franchisor assists with site location and lease negotiations.
The training provided incorporates both classroom, workshop and on-the-job training and includes management system training, customer service and telephone skills, and crisis management.
Marketing assistance is provided both initially, to introduce the store to the local market, as well as on an ongoing basis. The franchisor will apply the marketing levy collected from franchisees towards it marketing campaigns, comprising social media, local newspapers and magazines, pamphlets and leaflets, demos, and motor show stands.

In addition to being passionate and knowledgeable about cars, applicants should have a strong work ethic, be customer-oriented and have an eye for detail. They would also benefit from sound inter-personal skills and a sharp financial mindset. 

Founder: Tiago Veloso
Year founded: 2009
Area of origin: Nelpruit, Mpumalanga
CEO: Tiago Veloso

1st SA franchise opened: 2015
Number of SA outlets: 3

Management services fee: None
Marketing fee: R4 500 pm
Agreement term: 5 Years
Renewal term: 5 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Establishment cost: R1,15 million
Franchise joining fee: R350 000
Working capital required: R500 000
Total average set-up cost: R2 million
Average monthly turnover: R350 000
Achievable gross margins: 40%

Contact Lein Schutz on +27 72 270 5593 or email lein@ceramicpro.co.za