#SAFranchiseFriday featuring SkinPhD

As one of the leading pioneers in aesthetic beauty services and products, SkinPhD continuously invests in the research and development of raw materials recognised for their proven clinical efficacies. Combined with advancing innovations and technology in the field of medicine, SkinPhD’s research is swiftly tapering the gap between the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical industries; producing cosmeceutical products and innovative non-invasive surgical services. This essentially establishes SkinPhD as the beauty salon of the future. Joining the SkinPhD brand means moving into the fast lane in an industry poised for growth.

SkinPhD is dedicated to offering clients a world-class salon experience, with the latest in cosmeceutical products and aesthetic services of unmatched quality and value. Comprehensive, client-dedicated service is the focus of all SkinPhD Aesthetic Beauty and Hair Salon franchisees and employees. In fact, it is their hospitable dedication to making their clients feel important, safe, cared for and catered to that distinguishes SkinPhD from other competitive brands.

SkinPhD products and services cover a vast spectrum of treatments including nail, hair and cosmeceutical beauty products. All products are certified by the Dermatological Society while services are performed by thoroughly trained specialists and therapists. More advanced services and products such as neuromodulation, dermal fillers and needle-free injections performed by qualified professionals, are also available as well as leading aesthetic technology such as VellaShape III, FraxFace, and MesoJet.

SkinPhD is the ideal one-stop shop for individuals who favour elite cosmeceutical products and advanced aesthetic services. All locations are hand-picked and carefully considered to ensure that every SkinPhD salon enjoys optimal exposure and potential.

The nature of the products and services available at each establishment will determine the number and qualifications of the staff members required to operate the franchise.

Recognising the fragility of a brand and how the strength thereof lies in the detailed nurturing of its every component, the franchisor participates in every aspect of franchise development; from store design and layout to the elite products and services supplied, as well as providing extensive support and comprehensive training to all franchisees and employees.

In addition to providing business and marketing support, the franchisor ensures that franchisees are informed regarding the latest technology and relevant aesthetic development insights at all times. Franchisees and their staff members enjoy sufficient and in-depth professional training on all SkinPhD products and services.

SkinPhD Aesthetic Hair and Beauty Salons are the ideal choice for franchisees who are passionate about beauty, have a mind for business and are driven to provide quality service. Owners need not be qualified in the field of beauty, but all franchises must be owner operated.

Founder: Wessel de Wet
Year founded: 2013
Area of origin: Pretoria, Gauteng
CEO: Wessel de Wet

1st SA franchise opened: 2014
Number of SA outlets: 14

Management services fee: 5% of turnover
Marketing fee: Available on request
Agreement term: 5 Years
Renewal term: 5 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Establishment cost: R1,5 million (± 120sqm)
Franchise joining fee: R200 000
Working capital required: R250 000
Total average set-up cost: R1,95 million
Average monthly turnover: Available on request
Achievable gross margins: Available on request

Contact Carla Charter on +27 87 357 0254 or admin@skinphd.co.za