Maths is crucial to your child’s development

A+Students prepares for future jobs.

Marlene Mouton, Chairlady of A+ Students, recently pointed out that although half of the jobs in 10 years’ time have still not been ‘invented’, the one thing they will all have in common is maths. According to Mouton, maths and more especially the understanding of math concepts during the early foundation and development stages is of paramount importance to ensure a child is prepared for the future and the job or career the child will embark on.

At A+ Students maths and mental arithmetic is taught through play, which assists the leaning process as well as stimulating left and right brain development. These aspects are crucial in a child’s early leaning stages and with over 30 000 student enrolments to date, A+ is the leader in its field of teaching maths and mental arithmetic through the use of the abacus.

Mouton added that although there are 620 teaching venues across South African there is so much scope for growth such as in KZN where there is currently a drive to find and appoint franchisees who have a passion for teaching young children whilst operating a profitable successful business.

According to Mouton franchising is perfect model to expand the A+Students brand whilst equipping our future leaders with a good solid foundation in maths and mental arithmetic.

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