#SAFranchiseFriday Featuring Neighbiz

No buildings, no staff,  no bookkeeping and no admin

Neighbiz is making a difference in two ways:

Big problem number 1: Neighbiz wants to connect advertisers with their community — they understand that for many businesses, local support can make or break them. There is a significant informal sector of painters, tilers and carpenters etc. whom the community would hire, if only they knew who they were and where to find them. Let’s ask a neighbour — let’s make a new friend! Through the Handy Help section of the Neighbiz platform, micro-businesses can receive an instant boost.

Big problem number 2: The holy grail of online media is the ‘click’, but it may be difficult for customers to find businesses who are lost in cyberspace. With Neighbiz, however, it could be easy because all you need is a smartphone. 90 Percent of ‘spenders’ are chained to their mobile phones and with Neighbiz’s patented technology it is guaranteed that advertisers will be found. SMEs and businesses who are trying to reach their community can contact Neighbiz to find out more.

Own a piece of South Africa — when you buy a Neighbiz cyber franchise, the boundaries of your sales territory are defined by a perimeter of latitude and longitudinal points to within a couple of meters. Campaigns range between R1,000 and R50,000 and every time someone taps to view a promotion/offer anywhere in the country, as the Neigh-boss of their territory, the franchisee of the node where the offer originated is entitled to a royalty. Businesses or entities wishing to reach consumers can do so via the Neighbiz app at a cost of R200 per month (excluding VAT). To promote a business or brand with the Neighbiz Self-Serve software, a smartphone is all you need. Users pay R1 (fixed for 2018) per click or tap.

The Neighbiz offering also includes boutique services for tailoring campaigns, so now even the smallest business can access bespoke client relationship management (CRM) services.

From the public’s perspective Neighbiz is FREE, pure fun and superefficient. Imagine being rewarded instantly because you are local, because you have toddlers, because you are a golfer, or because you are a vegan. Imagine if anything you looked for online popped up on a map, provided you with contact details and let you know what your ‘neighbours’ thought about it.

Neighbiz does not require any premises or staff; all you need is a smartphone and your finger on the pulse of the community.

With 300,000 odd listings countrywide, chances are good that Neighbiz has already signed up participating businesses in your preferred sales node.

The Neighbiz team has been tasked with growing the database of participating brands and punching campaigns, both locally and nationally, for maximum results.  

Franchisees must be able to conduct their own due diligence to establish the potential of their proposed sales area. If you are all about community and have the savvy to be the Neigh-boss in your neighbourhood Neighbiz would welcome your application.

Founder: Jennifer Ward & Chris Landman
Year founded: 2017
Area of origin: Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO: Jennifer Ward

Management fee: 30% of turnover
Marketing fee: 5% of turnover
Agreement term: 5 Years
Renewal term: 3 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Establishment cost: R38 000
Franchise joining fee: R500 000
Working capital required: Franchisee specific
Total average set-up cost From: R538 000
Average campaign turnover: Available on request
Achievable gross margins: Available on request

Contact Sárah Vlotman on +27 61 548 3621 or sarah.v@neighbiz.co.za