Find your dream boss – yourself!

The Kruger family from Welkom
Do you want an exciting job where you learn something every day, meet lots of new people and do not notice the time flying past? Those have been some of the delights of becoming your own boss for Jaco Kruger, one of the partners in the new Cash Converters store in Welkom.

In complete agreement is Jason Lovell of Cash Converters, Arbour Crossing, who has been surprised and delighted by the rapid success that he has managed to achieve. “I expected fairly slow growth but we have more than managed to exceed all expectations,” he says. He puts that success down to “being 110% committed to every aspect of the business.”

Kruger is similarly delighted that his original plan to break even within six months is on track. Robust marketing strategies really help combat counter-campaigns from the competition, he says.
Kim Broom and Africa Msimango took over Cash Converters, Pietermaritzburg, and say they have found it an “amazing experience.” They admit that they had thought that the business’s three strands of buying, selling and lending were straightforward.

The Team from Pietermaritzburg
“Instead, we have learned a huge amount in a very short time,” says Broom. “We need to be seen to be leading, for example – be on the floor for the public to see and meet you, as well as helping staff to merchandise, clean and move stock and fixtures around. Taking part with staff and customers creates a great working environment.”

Becoming part of a sound and supportive franchise system is what makes the difference, says Lovell. He had already been self-employed for 22 years but feels that he has never previously had the freedom that he has as his own boss of a Cash Converters franchise. He puts that down to the highly professional support from head office in everything from systems support to staff training, which allows him to do what he enjoys most – be hands on in the business from day to day.

By the end of 2017, Cash Converters had grown almost 15 per cent to reach a total of 84 stores in southern Africa. South African franchisees have already signed up to open another 10 new stores within this international network in 2018.  These franchisees were attracted by the technologically advanced systems supporting franchisees and the industry’s lowest royalty structure, says Cash Converters CEO, Richard Mukheibir.

It is hard to get out of your comfort zone and start something new, Kruger says: “But by doing nothing, nothing will change. It is a big responsibility to be your own boss – but it comes with big rewards. The days might seem long in this retail environment but they go by very fast because you are always on the move and everything is fast paced. We never get bored.

“It is exciting and fulfilling to work with and manage my own selected team. Managing day-to-day operations ensures I am at the forefront of growing my business’s success. It is good to know that all the effort and time that I put into my business will come back to me and not to someone else that I work for. Where hard work and dedication has gone unnoticed in the past, it now projects in my own company’s figures – and that is wonderful,” Kruger concludes.

If you are one of the go-getters who believe that your dream boss is yourself, all these new bosses agree with Broom’s advice to anyone wanting to take the plunge: “Go for it!”