#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Mzansi Meals

Mzansi Meals was launched at the back end of 2016 and has just recently moved into the franchising space. At Mzansi Meals they have made it their mission to feed the working class. While many establishments focus on creating meals that most of our country cannot afford, Mzansi Meals focuses on providing the working class with better meal options that will not break the bank. The focus is on local flavours-to-go, bringing the traditional African meals that the people have grown up with to their doorstep.

In short, Mzansi Meals is attempting to formalise the informal food industry. Their vision is to provide business opportunities for members of the local communities to upskill and enrich themselves while providing the working class with quality meals.

In addition to establishing a franchise footprint, Mzansi Meals is looking to partner with big building contractors, factories or companies/individuals hosting traditional weddings or funerals — in effect, anyone who has to provide meals en mass.

Since the majority of our country is dependent on public transport — it is their goal to establish a presence on every street corner, in cities and townships. In keeping with their objective to take the food to the people, the Mzansi Meals business model was designed to operate from trailers.
Mzansi’s target market extends to anyone and everyone who enjoys traditional African cuisine, but the core focus is always on providing quality meals at affordable prices.

The franchisor’s site procurement team assists franchisees to evaluate potential locations, with a preference towards high-volume sites such as large corporate or industrial nodes, local community hubs, building sites, hospitals and other densely populated locations.

A typical outlet will have a branch manager and one or two kitchen staff. Living up to their philosophy of community upliftment, Mzansi regularly hires previously unemployed persons.


The goal is to provide franchisees with a ready-made business. To this end the franchisor maintains an open-door policy and has a fully dedicated head office team working behind the scenes to assist franchisees, facilitate store visits, and provide training, marketing, procurement and guidance so franchisees can focus on working on their business. The assistance provided includes everything from assisting franchisees with registering a company to advising them on what to do with their hard-earned money.

The franchisor runs a vigorous training programme that aims to ensure that every new franchisee is business-ready before opening. After opening, support and training will be available on an ongoing basis.

Mzansi Meals is looking for partners who have an intimate knowledge of their local communities. Applicants must have a hunger and drive to succeed and be willing to put in the hours to reap the rewards. No prior restaurant or catering experience is required.

Founder: Gant Thomson & Hodari Foods
Year founded: 2016
Area of origin: Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO: Grant Thomson

1st SA franchise opened: 2017
Number of SA outlets: 5

Management fee: 7% of turnover, min R3 500
Marketing fee: 2% of turnover, min R1 500
Agreement term: 3 Years
Renewal term: 3 Years

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Establishment cost: From R100 000 to R180 000
Franchise joining fee: Incl in establishment cost
Working capital required: Incl in establishment cost
TOTAL average set-up cost: From R100 000 to R180 000
Average monthly turnover: Available on request
Achievable gross margins: Available on request

Contact Grant Thomson on +27 71 893 4755 or grant@mzansimeals.co.za