Looking at The Bed Shop Franchise Model

Kurt Loggenberg
The advantages of owning a franchise for the first-time entrepreneur

While many tout the franchise model as an excellent way for an enthusiastic entrepreneur to dip their toes in the business arena, finding the right franchise can be complicated. The Bed Shop franchise model offers franchisees the opportunity to bring their own distinct qualities to the business, while still receiving the full support of the company. The Bed Shop franchise concept was created to provide a dedicated, nationwide distribution network. Today, with 100 franchise outlets and agencies, Dynamic Bedding is the biggest factory-to-market bedding specialist franchise in South Africa.

What can you expect when buying into The Bed Shop franchise of? One of their biggest advantages is the low capital insets required from the franchisee when setting up shop. The set-up cost is averaged at R500 000, which also includes the initial franchisee fee. The stores turnover is estimated to be at around R200 000 and allows the franchisee to quickly see a return on their investment.

In his book Franchise Bible, Rick Grossman explains how a franchise is the ideal concept for the earnest entrepreneur that does not necessarily have all the expertise and capabilities to be efficient and run a new and successful business. “Franchise organizations offer a structure for launching, operating and growing a business. Indeed, the successful franchisor will deliver the entire framework around which the business is built.”

The Bed Shop offers franchisees ongoing support from the outset to preparing budgets and engaging in marketing and advertising. This is of course one of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise. As a small and unknown start-up, a business owner would not necessarily have the capital to engage in such activities which could aid in a business’ success, especially in the beginning stages.

Another advantage of owning a franchise business is the brand awareness that is built into the model. The Bed Shop which is part of Dynamic Bedding was found in 1994 and is a reliable and trusted name. It’s also a proudly South African product which offers a unique selling point when communicating with potential customers. All their beds are manufactured at their facility located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng and as an established business, Dynamic Bedding has the ability to incorporate the latest technology and adhere to international standards and specifications.

Interested in becoming franchise of The Bed Shop? They have 20 stores across South Africa that are already successfully established and just waiting for new owners to bring their knowledge and energy to the store. To learn more, please contact Kurt Loggenberg on 011 762 1464 or kloggenberg@thebedshopsa.co.za for more information.