Bosch Automotive Training: Ensure a competitive advantage

One of the best ways to ensure your business develops and prospers, is to maximise the skills of everyone you employ. Whether that requires greater levels of technical skills right through to improved product knowledge, the Bosch Technical Training Programme has a training course from which you and your staff can benefit, covering key aspects of servicing, technical diagnosis and systems training, the Bosch courses have been constructed specifically to meet the needs of Vehicle Workshops.

To succeed in today's aftermarket, the service specialist must meet the sophisticated requirements of advanced technologies and deliver a quality of service that satisfies the most demanding customers. The scope and quality of these services are ultimately dependent upon the skills and ability of the workshop technician, who is responsible for the application of information, skill and equipment to diagnose and resolve problems. The key to this process being achieved effectively is the underpinning knowledge that has been acquired from training. Therefore, Bosch technical training is as essential to the technician's role as is technical information or even garage equipment.

Training is an investment which also allows your technicians and therefore your business to adapt to the changing demands of the aftermarket and in doing so, will maintain the service capability of your workshop. Practically-oriented learning, one principle characterises all Bosch training courses in the same way: the theory comprises just the right amount of subject-matter and content necessary for the practical work to be performed professionally, this also applies to training in complex electronic systems. For all work, the participants also have at their disposal the standard documents and equipment to be found in a workshop.

The contents of all the training courses have a clear structure designed in accordance with the latest academic methods and proceed from the formation of theoretical basic principles to their concrete practical application, this effective method helps the participants to acquire deeper knowledge and thus a more secure understanding, particularly in very complex technical fields. Competence in Methods: Time is money, particularly in connection with the provision of services. Troubleshooting and subsequent repair work must, therefore, be tackled with competence. Using a systematic approach in troubleshooting, the participants learn to narrow down the causes of a problem step by step and thus gain reliability and efficiency in each individual working step. The time and cost frame of a repair can, therefore, be determined with much greater accuracy, which is a decisive factor for the competitiveness of a vehicle workshop.

Offering both basic and advanced courses for technical, product and service training these courses are designed to ensure the technician is fully equipped to meet the technical, marketing and sales demands of the new millennium.

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