Why would you want to become a Timbercity Franchise?

Stuart Oliver, Timbercity Stellenbosch
Becoming a Timbercity Franchise is a lifestyle choice - you become your own boss and your staff and customers become your new family. Don’t get me wrong, being your own boss does not come without its challenges. You are answerable to yourself and that could be the worst boss to report to, however, the benefits far out way this.

What can Timbercity add to your business? Firstly a very strong and well-respected brand name that has been around for years. A franchisor who actually cares about the success of your business and a Chairman of the board who will pop in for coffee to find out how things are going in your business. You will link into a network of other well-established franchise network with franchisees who will offer advice and guidance on your new endeavour.

A profitable business is determined by how you buy and your bottom line will benefit from the buying power of the franchisor. With access to the best cost prices in the market you can leverage the group buying power of Steinbuild. By buying correctly the supplier rebates you earn could even cover your monthly franchise fee. You will have access to a massive product range and after you get the basics right, it will be easy to expand your product offering.

Full of fresh ideas and on the ball with digital marketing, the dynamic marketing team are planning to take the brand to new heights in 2018.

The group grows at a slower pace because we are seeking out the right operators to take the brand to the next level and build on the brands solid foundation.

Our POS solution is one of the best currently on the market and comes at a competitive rate. It is a user-friendly system that works well for a business that needs to manage stock effectively.

The current franchise agreement was negotiated over a 2-year period between the franchisees and the now Chairman of the board. The franchisor understands that if franchisees are unhappy it will not be a win-win situation. We believe ours is one of the fairest franchise agreements in the industry and caters to the needs of both parties.

Remember that the success of your business comes down to how much effort you put in. The franchisor only supplies the implements - it is it up to you to get the best out of it!