National mental arithmetic and maths championship held in Sandton a great success

The recent mental arithmetic and maths championships held at the Sandton Convention Centre and hosted by A⁺Students was a resounding success according to A⁺Students CEO Marlene Mouton.

“We had close to 700 students from around the country competing in our annual championships and 158 students were chosen to compete at the PAMA Global Championships which we will be hosting as well on 28th December” said Mouton.

Mouton went further to explain that a total of 17 different countries from the world compete in the annual PAMA Global maths and mental arithmetic championships and as Chairman of PAMA South Africa it is a real honour to showcase South Africa as well our students who will be competing at the global event showing that we do not have to stand back for any other country.

“Our children worked exceptionally hard for this year’s championships as places that were up for grabs for the global championships added the extra motivation. To see young pre and primary school children grasp the basics of maths and then to be confident enough to test their skills against one another makes me exceptional proud of what we and our fantastic teachers around the country are achieving” added an obviously proud Mouton.

A⁺Students, a maths and mental arithmetic franchise model, with its head office based in Ruimsig, is the brainchild of Marlene Mouton herself a maths teacher who saw the potential in teaching kids as young as 3 years old the basics of maths and mental arithmetic, brought the basic system to South Africa and developed it to suit our local needs. With over 630 teaching venues and over 30 000 students having enrolled for their courses, Mouton is confident of the solid maths foundation they are providing for tomorrows graduates.

A⁺Students can be reached on 011 958 2910 or for further information.

Above: Team SA who were chosen after the National Maths and Mental Arithmetic Championships and who will be competing in the PAMA Global Championships in December which South Africa will be hosting.  

Above: Brain Power. A⁺Students children using only a Soroban (Japanese abacus) to do maths calculations during the National Championships. 

Above: 1 + 1 does equal 2 according to these young mathematicians from A⁺Students.