Zebro’s Chicken opens in Phoenix

Nothing brings people together like a good old South African braai and the Phoenix community can now enjoy traditionally braaied chicken at the new Zebro’s store in Phoenix, Kwazulu-Natal.

Owned and operated by the Chimanlall Rampersadh family, the new outlet is the first of its kind in the Phoenix area. Being no stranger to the business world, the Chimanlall Rampersadh family wanted their next venture to be unique but with a home grown feel. “We are excited to serve our delicious meals to the Phoenix community. Our menu and our world-class service sets us apart from the rest and we’re confident that Zebro’s will soon be the talk of the town,” says Suhil Rampersadh.

Community has always been important says Rampersadh - making a difference in this close-knit community was important and they have employed and trained local candidates for the store. “We didn’t have to look very far. Phoenix offered us talented and energetic candidates to deliver excellent service to our customers. This business is more than just a restaurant but it’s a beacon of what our family stands for –unity,” adds Rampersadh.

The secret of this amazing product lies in the preparation. First, the chicken pieced marinates in the special Zebro’s sauce and then braaied to perfection using coals. “Over and above our core product, we offer an expansive menu including Russians and side meals,” Rampersadh concludes.
Zebro’s Phoenix is located at 360 Crestbrooke Drive.