Smart thinking at Meadowdale Mall Cash Converters franchise

Cash Converters Meadowdale Mall
Now is the right time and Edenvale is the right place to open a new Cash Converters store in Meadowdale Mall, says co-owner Dave van den Berg. He foresees the venture making the most of both local and global trends.

“The biggest shift in consumer buying today is to second-hand goods,” he says. “This is driven mainly by consumers having less cash to spend, supported by the fact that buying second-hand helps reduce manufacturing pollution and save the environment.”

Husband-and-wife partnership Dave and Elna van den Berg are now based in Pretoria but chose Edenvale as the site for their new venture because they have come to know it well over the years.

“Dave worked in Edenvale, Germiston and the East Rand for many years so we appreciate that it’s one of South Africa’s oldest established areas,” says Elna van den Berg. “We see this new store as an investment in the future of the area as well as in our own family.” Dave van den Berg has high hopes for their new venture: “I want us to be running five shops in the next five years!” he says.

He backs those ambitions with the solid experience of practising as a chartered accountant for three decades. “I’ve been CEO of various companies and specialised in business turnarounds so I understand why businesses fail and what signs to look out for to stop this in its tracks,” he says. “Just as important, I grew up in retail and understand consumer marketing.”

“We are delighted to welcome Dave and Elna and their astute thinking to the Cash Converters family,” says Richard Mukheibir, Cash Converters Managing Director. “All of us in the company know how each and every one of your skills and resources are tested and polished in setting up a new store. I went through it myself opening the first-ever Cash Converters store in Parow more than two decades ago.”

Mukheibir believes franchising enables would-be business owners to grow their business skills and investment within a supportive and professional environment and guides them in avoiding common start-up pitfalls. “The Cash Converters business model offers a three-for-one income stream for franchisees – dealing in second-hand goods, pawnbroking and micro loans,” says Mukheibir. “We are confident that this, combined with our practical understanding and systems support and training, will help Dave and Elna reach their goals and establish the Cash Converters brand in one of our country’s traditional trading centres.”