Brand new personal services franchise opens its doors for trade

Smart Serve, a personal services franchise offering shoe repairs, key duplicating, dry cleaning, tailoring and other related services recently opened its first 3 corporate stores under the leadership of CEO Andy Raouna. A forth store is currently being rebranded and the first franchisee has already been taken on.

With over 20 years specific experience in the industry Raouna says there is a definitive gap in the market offering great affordable opportunities. The Smart Serve model was designed with one objective in mind - “To offer aspiring entrepreneurs the training and opportunity for sustainable empowerment in their own business whilst enjoying the support and mentorship of the franchisor.”

Smart Serve does not charge royalties for the first year. According to Raouna “We know it tough out there and whilst the industry enjoys good margins, every business needs time to settle and we prefer to take a long term view with our franchisees. Let’s rather help build the business up front and reap the rewards thereafter, not try make a quick buck up front.

From rural areas to high end malls the franchise is suitable across the LSM spectrum and this ties in with the company’s objectives. We can create jobs and empowerment from Musina right down to the most affluent area in Cape Town. There is a need for our services and we will cater for this need whilst creating jobs and entrepreneurs.”

A fully operational training centre is being set up that will offer comprehensive practical as well as theoretical training. Cobblers will once again be taught the art and skill of leatherwork and mending shoes. Over in the UK there are over 1000 similar outlets. After a recent visit to this operation Raouna is adamant – “There is no reason why we in South Africa cannot match and surpass they skills they have developed there. We are a nation of craftsmen and we can most definitely work with our hands. All we need is a little foresight and courage.”

The franchise has positioned itself as an entry level franchise with a turnkey operation from only R350 000. This includes the franchise fee, provision for landlord deposits as well as R50 000 working capital. Return on investment should be realised in 24 to 30 months.

Visit or phone 084 973 0851 for more information.