#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Maxidor

In the digital world we live in, the question is often asked whether physical barriers are still relevant and the answer is a definitive, yes! Although the electronic age offers numerous audible warning systems, a physical barrier remains the last physical line of defence against criminal activity — much like the safety belt in an automobile.

Maxidor is a leading physical security barrier manufacturer in southern Africa and has been a presence in the physical security barrier industry for over three decades. The company’s well-known trademarks include the original Maxidor Slamlock™, Inscape security concept and, of course, their now famous 10–Year Buy-Back™ Guarantee.

By developing products in line with criminal modus operandi their dedicated research and development facilities have ensured their position at the forefront of physical security barrier development, arguably offering some of the best physical resistance against criminal attack.

Over and above the sales opportunities generated and issued by their national marketing campaigns, Maxidor’s distribution channels generate sales opportunities through its retail presence, various activation initiatives and community programs.

Maxidor offers a range of custom manufactured physical barrier products, namely, retractable doors, fixed burglar proofing, welded swing gates, a range of perimeter fences and an extensive industrial and domestic roller shutter range. Whether residential or industrial the sales interaction generally takes place at the client’s premises as this allows for a full security assessment to be conducted. Once the product has been manufactured, the installation process takes place within a couple of days.
Clients range from 25 to 65 years of age and typically fall in the LSM 7-10 categories.

Maxidor distribution outlets typically operate within a retail environment and the staffing structure of each outlet is dictated by the demographic of its location. A typical  franchise staffing structure will comprise a number of sales consultants, an office administrator and sub-contracted installation teams.

Maxidor’s Call Centre ensures that all incoming opportunities are swiftly recorded and rerouted to the nearest available Maxidor distributor. The Head Office-based Distribution Development Team offers on-the-ground assistance and is supported by regional offices in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Sales administration is facilitated by their one-of-a-kind Maxidor Android-based sales application and all order processing and manufacturing takes place at Maxidor Head Office, ensuring industry-leading turnaround times.

Maxidor Head Office provides initial training that covers sales techniques, technical assessments and installation training.

If you are passionate about people, energetic and hungry to make a difference in the lives of everyday South Africans, the Maxidor distribution concept will offer you a financially viable vehicle to effect real change within your community.

Year founded: 1983
Area of origin: Johannesburg, Gauteng
CEO: Hakan Sjoberg

1st SA franchise opened: 1990
Number of SA outlets: 33

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Average set-up cost: R150 000
Initial joining fee: R50 000
Average monthly turnover: Available on request
Achievable gross margins: R50 000

Franchise agreement
Management fee: None
Marketing fee: 3% of turnover
Agreement term: 6 Months
Renewal term: Available on request

 Contact: Martin Landsman on +27 11 284 3000 or martinl@maxidor.co.za