#SAFranchiseFriday featuring BizzBooks Financial Services

BizzBooks aims to ensure that every entrepreneur they teach or work with will go on to grow smart, successful, profitable and compliant businesses that pay their owners well and creates employment opportunities. As a BizzBooks franchisee you will be required to coach your clients, and explain what your services entail and how they can benefit the entrepreneur.

Reasons for joining forces is simple — two is better than one. The more resources that are pooled into the group, the stronger we become. BizzBooks has the expertise, brand, technical support and business know-how.

Founder and CEO, Karen de Villiers, is a seasoned accountant with more than 14 years’ practice experience.

BizzBooks is a group of professionals working together towards a common goal, inspired by the idea that every business owner should have an FD-On-Call. Franchisees work with start-ups, and small and medium enterprises, providing sound financial knowledge and planning to help them grow strong, sustainable businesses.

BizzBooks supports business development, sustainability and growth by inspiring entrepreneurs to learn and better understand profit and taxation and to use the tools of budgeting and financial planning to streamline their operations and identify risks early. Franchisees offer the full range of accounting practice services including accounting, bookkeeping, the drafting of financial statements, taxation, payroll and secretarial services. The range of compliance and statutory services offered include obtaining tax clearance certificates for tenders, new company registrations, guidance around registering for VAT and assisting with setting up an administrative system in order to streamline the accounting process.

In addition to weekly franchise meetings the franchisor also meets with each franchisee  individually on a monthly basis. Franchise meetings provide an opportunity for franchisees to interact with one another, to identify specific needs and possible areas for improvement, but also serve as mentoring and training sessions. The franchisor provides practice growth support, and technical and software support.

Marketing assistance includes social media and content writing, website management and managing personal pages and blogs. Flyers are provided for neighbourhood marketing initiatives. In her capacity and brand ambassador, CEO Karen de Villiers promotes the brand at speaking engagements and networking events.

Applicants must possess either an accounting qualification, be it a diploma or accounting degree, or have three to five years’ actual practice experience. The BizzBooks franchise concept allows for budding accountants to accumulate accounting practice experience under their guidance while completing their relevant qualification.

Founder: Karen de Villiers
Year founded: 2016
Area of origin: Pretoria, Gauteng
CEO: Karen de Villiers

1st SA franchise opened: 2016
Number of SA outlets: 4

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Average set-up cost: R200 000
Initial joining fee: R100 000
Average monthly turnover: R80 000
Achievable gross margins: Available on request

Franchise agreement
Management fee: 7% of turnover
Marketing fee: 3% of turnover
Agreement term: 5 Years
Renewal term: 5 Years

Contact Karen de Villiers on +27 12 993 0763 or karen@bizzacc.co.za