#SAFranchiseFriday featuring Miki Maths Magic

Miki Maths Magic was founded with the sole purpose of helping young children make more sense of mathematics. Believing that children should learn mathematics from a young age when the foundation for future success is built, the franchisor set out to create a fun environment with a strong emphasis on developing their leaners’ understanding of concepts.

Today Miki Maths Magic boasts 45 franchises across South Africa teaching around 4,000 children a week.

With a strong emphasis on product development, the franchisor is continuously working to improve their offering.

Miki Maths Magic is a structured programme that helps young children, aged three to 12, develop a rich understanding of essential mathematical concepts. The programme is generally offered through weekly lessons at schools and centres. Lessons are taught in small groups by well-trained tutors.

Miki's 5–Star Maths Plan
  1. A school-based curriculum – The maths programme offered is relevant to the school syllabus as programmes that teach alternate strategies to those used in school can confuse learners. By concentrating on the quality of understanding rather than the quantity of information, Miki Maths picks the most important concepts and skills to emphasize and chooses activities that provide the best leverage in learning.
  2. Developing understanding – The Miki Maths programme focuses on developing conceptual understanding in an enabling environment. The programme allows children to learn that maths makes sense, rather than regarding it as a set of rules to be memorized.
  3. Effective mental processing – Mental Maths is an important cornerstone of mathematics and is made easier when children learn to manipulate numbers in a flexible manner.
  4. Practice – The programme is structured in a way that affords children multiple opportunities to master concepts.
  5. Enjoyment – Miki Maths provides a friendly and enabling environment where children feel valued and appreciated. 
The franchisor assumes responsibility for product development and franchisee training.
Quarterly training is provided at no extra cost to the franchisee and is specifically geared at delivering the most effective lessons to children in each area.

By taking into consideration the specific demographics and opportunities of each area, a localised low-cost marketing plan is developed for each franchise and the marketing materials are included in the initial franchise pack. Typically, the majority of marketing is done through schools and aimed directly at the target market. The franchisor is currently engaged in a strategic planning process to create a nationalised marketing programme.

Growth is organic and great care is exercised in selecting the right franchisees. Miki Maths franchisees are motivated, enthusiastic, caring and friendly individuals who love working with children and have experience in the field. They have a good basic numerical ability, are computer literate and are willing to follow instructions.

Founder: Wally Thiele
Year founded: 2006
Area of origin: Tshwane, Gauteng
CEO: Wally Thiele

1st SA franchise opened: 2007
Number of SA outlets:45

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Average set-up cost:R24 000
Initial joining fee: R18 000
Average monthly turnover: Available on request
Achievable gross margins: Available on request

Franchise agreement
Management fee: 15% of turnover
Marketing fee: None
Agreement term: Open-ended

Contact Wally Thiele on +27 82 710 2423 or email wally@mikimaths.com