#SAFranchiseFriday featuring iFacts

iFacts are the experts in helping you to identify and manage your people risk. When it comes to Background Checks, Screening and Vetting, your organisation needs a proactive, stringent and comprehensive approach. iFacts removes the people risk so that organisations can go about their business with employees they can trust.

iFacts offers a range of services that extend into every aspect of proactive and reactive screening, which a company requires for optimum employee performance, loyalty, and integrity. From people risk, ethics and integrity to safety and security and employee wellness, iFacts offers a full range of services to both individuals and employees that will ensure your organisation is achieving optimum performance and an excellent return on its human resources investment.

iFacts is a corporate security service provider that gives companies peace of mind when it comes to the vetting and background checking of potential and existing employees. With an extensive history of leading industry training and decades of hard experience in the security industry, iFacts has perfected the art of protecting company assets. As a pioneer in its field, iFacts has innovated dishonesty detection solutions that are equipped to deal with new threats as they arise.

Jenny Reid, the driving force behind iFacts, recognised an opportunity to help her clients remove risks and develop progressive solutions to employee screening. From this, Jenny took her idea a step further and developed a holistic employee enhancement programme, aimed at helping business owners create an honest, loyal, productive, and happy workforce.

Over the years, iFacts has evolved its service offering, and today it provides one of the most comprehensive Human Resources solutions to small, medium, and large organisations. The iFacts aim is simple – to remove people risks and ultimately help businesses to prosper.

As an iFacts franchisee you will enjoy the knowledge and credibility of the iFacts name, backed by unsurpassed support from the iFacts head office. iFacts franchisees are given access to a complete turnkey operation that includes a fully developed business plan that makes setting up your franchise a simple process. Thanks to the ever growing need for employee risk prevention services, embarking on a franchise agreement is often a low risk venture with the potential for high returns.

There are a number of value-added benefits for iFacts franchisees that include ongoing support and training for various franchises and their employees, marketing assistance, and operational software with a comprehensive backend that makes running your business on a daily basis a simple process.
iFacts assists with lead generation to ensure that new franchises are given ample opportunity to develop their business and work with new clients from all sectors while earning a residual income.

Potential iFacts franchisees are not required to have any prior experience in either the corporate security and background checking industry or running a business in general. Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the franchise agreement that iFacts enters into with its franchisees, everything that is needed to establish and maintain a successful business is provided.


Founders: Jenny Reid
Year founded: 2001
Area of origin: Johannesburg, South Africa
Directors: Jenny Reid

First SA franchise opened: 2014   
Number of SA outlets: 8

* Amounts quoted are VAT exclusive
Average set-up cost: R80 000
Initial joining fee: R20 000

Franchise agreement
Management fee: 12% of Set-up cost
Marketing fee: 9.4% of Set-up cost
Agreement term: 1 Year
Renewal term: 1 Year

Contact:  Sonya Skipp +27 82 895 2478 or sonya@ifacts.co.za