FNB now resolves business queries 24/7

Marcel Klaassen
Banking hours no longer apply to entrepreneurs 

FNB Business has given a new meaning to convenience in banking with the launch of its latest innovation ‘24/7 Business Desk’ which allows businesses of all sizes to solve administration related queries at any time of the day.

“24/7 Business Desk, another first for the bank, was developed with the business owner in mind,” says Marcel Klaassen, Head of Sales at FNB Business. 

“Our entrepreneurial culture drives us to fully understand the complexities and pressures of running a business in South Africa. As a result, we hope to break traditional banking stereotypes and develop innovative banking solutions like the 24/7 Business Desk.”

As economic circumstances remain uncertain many business owners have no choice but to maximize sales and productivity, during working hours, in order to gain a competitive edge and retain market share. This often leaves little or no time to focus on banking administration related tasks which are equally important to keep the business afloat.

“Fortunately this is now a problem of the past as banking hours no longer apply to our business customers” says Klaassen.

FNB Business has come a long way in helping entrepreneurs overcome administration related angst as a barrier to business growth. Our journey started with the introduction of Online Banking Enterprise™ on the FNB Banking Tablet App, followed by extended branch hours and currently 24/7 Business Desk.

“It doesn’t end here. We will continue working 24/7 to come up with innovative banking solutions that add value to our customers,” says Klaassen, as he outlines some of the common queries that can be resolved through 24/7 Business Desk:

Account-related queries:
  • Credit/deposit confirmation
  • Reversal of debit orders - within 40 days
  • Reversal of charges
  • Forex payments - Inward and outward
  • Debit orders – switching and stop payments
  • Reports and statements
Card-related queries:
  • Card limit changes - increases/decreases
  • Business Visa Cheque Card - replacement/cancellation
  • Cheque-related queries
  • Stop cheque payments and Chequebook reorders.
  • Uplifting holds when deposited cheques are unpaid.
Payments and transfers
  • Make 3rd party payments between accounts
“With 24/7 Business Desk business owners can now rest assured knowing that there is a team of dedicated expert bankers that will personally handle admin queries, quickly, easily and efficiently at any time of the day via email or telephone,” concludes Klaassen.

For more information on 24/7 Business Desk customers can call 0877 FNB 247.