Andre Barnard joins the Digit Group

Andre Barnard

Over the last few years I started dreading waking up every morning; I felt unfulfilled and needed a change. I thought maybe another job might help, but an ordinary 7-to-5 job just didn’t excite me. I was done working countless hours’ overtime for no reward. I needed something different; a new challenge.

Being a Toolmaker I felt like I was constantly taking everyone else’s ideas or concepts to fruition with no reward other than my monthly wage. I was preoccupied with fixing other people’s problems while mine were put on the backburner. Starting my work day before sunrise and leaving after sunset I was working my life away and seeing absolutely nothing of the days gone by.

I knew the way to go was to find an opportunity that would create a monthly recurring income and I was constantly ‘brewing’ ideas of how to do this successfully. I just needed to find that edge that would differentiate me from the rest of the greater population seeking the same thing.

I’d been following an old school friend on social media for several years. He was part of the Digit group and I took a liking to their way of life. This guy was so positive and I could see he absolutely lived for the brand he carried so proudly on his chest.

I too wanted this feeling. I wanted to be part of a brand I could be proud of; that feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself. After phoning him I realised it wasn’t just him; there was a whole family like this that he was a part of.

I started doing my research and quickly realised Digit was providing a service that is desperately needed in Africa. Not only was it a great opportunity, with an abundance of untapped potential, by getting involved I could achieve the recurring income I’d set my sights on.

Joining Digit was extremely easy. I was made to feel at ease and welcome from the very start. Throughout the last month of training I’ve come to notice everyone is willing to lend a helping hand at any time. Whether it be technical support or sales, help is never far away.

If you feel like you want to belong to a passionate game changing business with an excellent business model designed to be successful…look no further.

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