Service delivery: Vital for success

By Camilia du Plooy

Would you let a brain surgeon conduct surgery after a ten minute crash course on the anatomy of the brain? Well I certainly hope not! Yet most people who work on the front line in any business that work face to face with customers are given a short information session- A ten minute crash course on how to look after, satisfy, delight and spoil their customers.

For staff to do this properly they need to be exposed to training that will include: company systems, sales and service techniques, communication skills, inter-personal skills, products and the industry, to make them into qualified customer service orientated personnel. One way to ensure optimal client satisfaction is to have a client service department, not only for your employees to be able to report back, but to be a buffer, and safety net to deal with complaints rationally and efficiently.

“In order for any brand to bring across their values, it should be implemented as a daily criterion, by which they all proudly conduct their business” advised Craig Hutchison, CEO to Engel & Völkers Southern Africa. A standardised service is fundamental to successful client care systems and employee professionalism towards customers. By having a customer care department in place, checking in regularly with both the client and employee, ensuring all transactions run smoothly, makes client satisfaction almost guaranteed. In-house training departments contribute to this positive effect largely, as constant refreshment of the company's values and goals lead to it becoming a lifestyle. “After all, strive not to only be a success, but rather to be of value” concludes Craig.