Marketing Brands and Services in Tembisa

Tembisa took the second spot in Census 2011 as one of the largest townships in South Africa with a  population count of 463 109. Tembisa is not really marketed in all forms compared to the number one township in South Africa, Soweto. The South West Township (Soweto), is well known all over the world because of various historic moments chronicled by major media outlets. This often, to a certain degree, overshadows Tembisa. But this has to change. It will prove difficult to compete with Soweto  ̶  definitely not impossible   ̶    as every township can be branded accordingly to attract the necessary opportunities for growth and ultimately recognition in the right places.

Branding a township such as Tembisa will require government, businesses, individuals and the community working together with the end goal in mind. Government has the capacity and the right resources needed to steer the ship, while the other three can play a major role in making the project become a successful one. 

There is interesting media coverage of news and other activities pertaining to Tembisa. The majority of journalists sees Clayville, Ivory Park, Ebony Park, Rabie Ridge and Birch Acres as sections in Tembisa. Keeping in mind that these areas are not part of Tembisa geographically, they can be confused as such because of their close proximity. Not only that, these areas make use of various facilities in Tembisa - from shopping centres to taxi ranks, even chilling spots on weekends. From a marketing point of view this is good. Add the combined population count and you have a healthy number to focus on.

What does this mean to a marketer in today's marketing world?

Marketers today focus on digital marketing. Given the current marketing ecosystem, it is a safe bet. In order to be an efficient marketer, you need to understand both. Some areas even target markets that are not online and vice v

ersa. In any township or area in South Africa, to achieve the desired results, digital and offline marketing strategies have to be combined. However, one has to conduct the necessary research in order to make the best decision suitable for the brand or service.  

Tembisa comprises of affluent and poor sections. What you see often is not what you will get in Tembisa, hence it is very important that you conduct your research. 

The way we market now compared to… say ten years ago, it is dramatically different but the main thing remains - we market to achieve defined goals. Whether to launch a new offering or to spread a certain message, we always start with the basics never on a mere hunch especially with marketing budgets being so limited lately. However, even with limited budgets, a lot can still be achieved in Tembisa as long as you clearly understand the market. A lengthy discussion relating to location and regional marketing in South Africa led to a client wondering if it is even worth it to market in Tembisa. Well, it is if you have the target market numbers.

Taking it to where the majority of people are 

Make no mistake, every township has its own places you can get the preferred target market. From taxi ranks to taverns. Tembisa is not that tricky to master if you know exactly what you want to achieve. These are some of the few places to start with: two busy taxi ranks - Sangweni and Oakmoor, Over five busy shopping centres, taverns and bars, community media outlets and many more. Location and regional marketing is our daily bread – or

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