H2O leads the way as SA’s no1 purification company

In South Africa H2O International SA has the longest proven track record of any purification company and for the past 21 years they’ve been providing South Africans with the very best water and air purification systems. Tried and tested by families, businesses, the hospitality and agricultural industry alike, all agree – when it comes to clean pure water and air, H2O International SA is the company to turn to. 

New look, new targets
As part of their continued growth and evolution, H2O international SA has appointed Touch Marketing as their official agency to handle all social media, PR and on-going marketing strategy, communication and advertising.

In accordance with their new positioning and marketing campaign they’ve also implemented a new positioning line “It’s what’s inside that counts” to support H2O International SA’s commitment to making each and every South African aware of the importance of purified water and air in their daily lives. 

Quality franchisees support a quality brand
Currently H2O International SA has more than 6o franchisees and distributors throughout South Africa and Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Nigeria. As part of their fresh, new positioning, H2O International SA is currently implementing new store designs across all their franchisee stores where emphasis is being placed on the vital role, purified water plays in a person’s general health. 

Franchisee growth escalates 
All H2O International SA’s franchisees benefit from a co-operative national advertising campaign and are equipped with marketing and sales support together with administrative procedures to ensure maximum sales results. They also have H2O International’s wide range of products to market. As a multi-faceted distributor of water related products H2O International SA has over 450 purification products for the home, office, hospitality and agricultural industries.

Over the past few years H2O International SA has seen rapid growth. The direct selling concept is the very core of their mode of operation. Each franchise operates independently with its own team of sales consultants who’re supported by a wide array of training courses covering everything from product knowledge to professional installations.

Riding the wave of success
H2O international SA has benefited from the public’s increasing awareness of health and environmental issues. Added to this innovative concepts like the unique Water Bar, a trendy sidewalk café situated in high traffic shopping malls, and the Water Station which supplies purified water in refillable bottles, ensure franchisees enjoy high profitability and on-going annuity income.

To grow their brand across South Africa, H2O international SA is always looking for new franchisees that are dynamic, positively minded, go-getter-type people with a great sense of business ethics, who place a high value on health and will be willing to join and work within a structured environment.

For more information about how to join this dynamic brand as a franchisee, visit http://www.h2o.co.za/franchisee/