Franchising 101 at BEFE

For businesses seeking to grow their portfolio and entrepreneurs exploring a franchising business model, the Full on Franchising Theatre at the Business Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo, presented in partnership with the SA Franchise Warehouse, will be staged daily with an entrance fee of R200 per delegate. 
This theatre will deliver in-depth workshops on franchising models, how to evaluate and fund a franchise, and the legalities of franchising. Belinda Bradley, Training and development director at SA Franchise Warehouse, explains: “Many people don’t realise that not all franchise models are the same. There are important questions they need to ask before they sign up for a new franchise opportunity. 
These in-depth workshops are a first for BEFE, and are designed to get entrepreneurs started or growing in the world of franchising,” says Bradley. Attendees will also have an opportunity to discuss exciting franchise opportunities with some of South Africa’s best-known brands. To register for this event go to