SA Franchise Warehouse Funding Solutions

The SA Franchise Warehouse funding initiatives in association with funding partners, sefa, Kagiso Trust and The Jobs Fund (administered by Business Partners) is aimed at assisting would-be franchisees whose own cash or collateral contribution does not meet commercial funding criteria.

Would-be franchisees with an own contribution equal to 25 percent of the total set-up costs will be able to apply, provided all other qualifying criteria are met and that applicants have successfully completed the SA Franchise Warehouse Small Business Management Training course. This course in not a mere formality and candidates are trained and assessed on their aptitude and ability to acquire and implement the skills necessary to own and operate their own business.

Funding is only available for franchise business systems that have been accredited by SA Franchise Warehouse in terms of the requirements of the participating funders. It is important to recognise that this funding option will escalate the effective set-up cost of the business due to the various compulsory processes and services aimed at optimising the sustainability of the business.

How does it work?

To apply for funding, franchisees must be referred by an accredited franchisor after having been approved by such franchisors in terms of their own non-funding related criteria.

SA Franchise Warehouse will also apply its own franchisee selection criteria in addition to those of the franchisor. Selected franchisees will be enrolled on a five-day Small Business Management Training course held in Pretoria. Successful completion of the training course is pre-requisite for the further processing of the application.

SA Franchise Warehouse is tasked with providing franchisees with business administration mentoring and to, on an ongoing basis, report to the relevant funder on the performance and human resource related matters of each funded businesses.

Please click here for a list of franchised brands in the process of accreditation.

SA Franchise Warehouse also offers a three-day Funding Pre-Approval Workshop aimed at introducing candidates to the business format of franchising and guiding them as they assess the various brands.

For more information on these workshops, please contact us on 012 460 2345 or email Debbie le Roux.