Your Grandmother's Advice to Economists

iLead Business would like to provide all the confirmed attendees and other prospective attendees of our next Business Connection with a brief synopsis of the content of the speech that will be made by Dawie Roodt from the Efficient Group and one of the foremost economists in our country.
His speech is titled Your Grandmother’s Advice to Economists (The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Dumb: Your Grandmother’s Advice to Economists…)

We live in a surreal economic world akin to Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh. In this world of make-belief, normal economic rules and laws have lost their meaning and their purpose. In this surreal world demand and supply, wealth and poverty, and value and savings, are all replaced by the benefits of wealth destruction, the convenience of price fixing, the circumvention of productivity improvements, and the folly of a command economy. We live in the world of the Queen of Hearts, the world of Winnie’s Honeypot and the omnipotence of Central Banks. But one day we will wake up…
Dawie will explain why the economic world in which we are living in, will come to an end.

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